The center hall of Abby Wolf-Weiss' Los Angeles home. (above)

The other day, I got a nice email from Los Angeles interior designer Abby Wolf-Weiss who directed me to her website.  I clicked on the link and immediately wrote her back asking if I could feature her work.

Turns out Abby is friends with my friend interior designer Kristi Bender, who is a partner at Wendy Schwartz Design.  I got a call from Kristi the other day about Abby too.  Kristi said Abby is awesome and that she is a huge fan of Abby and her work.

Well after seeing Abby's work Kristi didn't need to say much...I became an instant fan too.

Classically casually elegant.

I also love a story about someone who has made a change of careers. Abby, as it turns out, was once an entertainment executive.  About a year and half ago, she hung up her Hollywood power suit and decided to tackle the world of interior design.  These images are from her own home here in Los Angeles.  Tah dah and here she is!  She thought it and made it happen.  She also happens to have great taste it seems.  I like Abby's style.

Take a look!

A cozy living room seating arrangement...4 armchairs and a round upholstered ottoman...the scene is so inviting. (above)

I would love to kick off my shoes in this the faux bamboo chandelier and the long gray sectional sofa! (above)

Silver wallpaper and a traditional dark wood oval table make for a very impressive formal dining space. (above)

I'd certainly be happy with this kitchen! (above)

I like the idea of putting a world map on the wall of a child's room...great colors and texture and a little geography lesson too! (above)
What do you think of Abby's home?  Which room is your favorite?

Innate talent I think...she just took up design less than two years ago!  Abby has opened up a little design studio in a flower shop in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles.  She's also been selling vintage goods on One Kings Lane!

Yay Abby! Can't wait to see what you do next!  Nice meeting you via email.  I'll definitely stop by the shop this summer!

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Friend and co-god mother JH is town today and tomorrow (we are co-godmom's to our friend FF's son...we often joke that FF clearly didn't think either of us was capable of godmother duties on our own so she paired us up!).  JH and her husband DH flew in from South Carolina yesterday and went to the President Obama dinner at George Clooney's house last night here in Los Angeles!  Whoa!  Wow!  I spent about a half an hour on the phone with JH this morning gabbing about what she saw and the event.  It sounded amazing.  She said George Clooney's house was gorgeous...a Tudor style home with grounds and kind of compound like setting with other houses...she said the decor was gorgeous...livable, casual, chic.  Oh how I wish I could have attended!  Oh, and she spent the whole evening chatting with tons of celebs and glitterati at a sit down dinner for maybe 150 people!  Whoa.  So cool.  I am seeing JH tonight and I'll get more scoop from her!

P.P.S.  While JH was dining with the President and George Clooney, I was out with a fun group of married ladies (I describe them as married ladies...because I was the only single lady with them...oy va voy...need to work on my MRS degree right away!).  Friend and interior designer Alison Blumenfeld invited us to a party and GARDE ... a new store on Beverly Blvd. opened by Scotti Sitz.  It is a delightful posh gift store with wonderful home accessories, arty jewelry and much more.  Very chic.  Here are a few photos I took at GARDE last night (before my camera ran out of juice):

A jewelry trunk show last night at GARDE, on Beverly in Los Angeles! (above and below)

Modern and eclectic home accessories line the sleek shelves at GARDE! (above and below)

P.P.P.S. We ended up at Itacho for a quick bite after the trunk show at GARDE.  My dinner group did not include the President and George, but my group was quite a lovely bunch of stars in my view..Alexandra Kimball, super power publicist, she worked for Oscar de la Renta for 10 years and now has her own publicity company; Alison Blumenfeld and Kristi Bender, very chic interior design gals and Beata Henrichs-Lieb. Beata is fantastic. I met Beata for the first time last night. She is starting her own collection of soft goods that I will squawk about on COCOCOZY whenever she gives me the go ahead. I saw her work at GARDE and LOVED it. I think I will be hopefully carrying some of it in the COCOCOZY online shop too! Very chic idea for the summer lounging.

P.P.P.P.S.  Tonight JH and I will be attending more parties and I need to think of a place for dinner.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Need to work with sis DS on our Mother's Day gift for our amazing mother MDS...hmmm...let's see...thinking...I always procrastinate on gifts.  Need to get better at that in 2015.  Giving myself a little pad as I know I'll be really busy in 2012-2014.  Won't have time to change my ways of getting gifts last minute over the next few years.  So I'll target 2015 as the time where I transform to the 2 month in advance gift "figure-it-outer" person!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  Happy Friday again!


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