Living Room Before and After
Before and after views of the living room in aWashington D.C. townhouse that was recently totally remodeled and redesigned! (above)

Here's a never before seen BEFORE & AFTER look at a home featured in the May issue of House Beautiful magazine!

The "after" was created by Los Angeles designer Hillary Thomas of Hillary Thomas Designs, New York designer Jeff Lincoln and architectural firm Franck & Lohsen Architects in a bi coastal collaboration on a multi million dollar 1960's townhouse in Washington D.C.

House Beautiful did a lovely story on the completed project after the designers took to it.  But, here on COCOCOZY, for the first time, you can see what the home looked like before it was remodeled, re-designed and re-imagined by the design and architecture team.

The newly envisioned home now features design touches that makes each room stand out - including golden wallpaper, painted ceilings, Murano glass pendant lights, colorful tile and so much more.

It has been ages and ages since I've done a post showing pre-remodel vs. post. So today, I'm happy to bring you this BEFORE & AFTER!

Dining Room Before and After

Kitchen Before and After


Solarium Before and After


Master bedroom before and after

Thank you to Hillary Thomas Designs partner and Co-Founder Clara Hendon for sending me the before photos.  So appreciate it...thank you for thinking of COCOCOZY!

Readers, what do you think of this Before & After transformation?  What is your favorite new element? Do tell!

Happy Wednesday!


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P.P.S.  Design Non Sequitur - Was chatting with my neighbor JH when I got from home from work last night.  Someone drove by us and JH waved and yelled "Hi Beverly".  I said, "Who's that?".  Our tiny street is a dead end and there are just a few dozen houses on our street so I wanted to know who was driving down our little trail.  JH said, "Don't you know?  That's Beverly.  Beverly Hill.  She's lived on the street forever."  Apparently I have a neighbor named Beverly Hill!  Couldn't Google her because only thing that came up was information on the city Beverly Hills.  Then JH went onto say, "I used to know a woman named Holly Wood too.".  Hmmm...

Photos: House Beautiful; Home Visit


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