hallway of doors and mirrors with mint walls and gold decorative molding
A hallway of doors and mirrors with mint walls and gold decorative molding! (above)

I am obsessed with mint colored things this summer for some reason.  So drawn to it that earlier this year I designed a mint colored pillow for the COCOCOZY textiles collection - our COCOCOZY Arch Sea Foam pillow.  I am considering buying a pair of mint sandals for my summer travels too.  I'm a mintaholic right

Loving mint combined with gold.  That's the combo of the day for today's COLOR WATCH!

Letter press print on mint green paper with LOVE written in gold
Made by Girl - Love Candy Print - $35 (16"x20" letter press print in mint and gold) (above)

bedroom with mint walls and gold Moroccan poufs at the end of the bed, molded tufted headboard, and vintage nightstand
A bedroom with mint walls and gold Moroccan poufs at the end of the bed. (above)

mint green watch with gold accents on the face
Anthropologie - Viscid Watch - $58 (above)
What do you think of this color combination?  Do you like or dislike?  What do you think of mint?  Any color you are obsessing over this summer?

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Happy and sad to report that I spent yesterday working...happy to have gotten a lot done...sad that I was working on such a beautiful gorgeous Sunday here in Los Angeles.  I was over at COCOCOZY HQ (again not really a headquarters...just two small rooms in a slightly shabby office (or errr vintage) building in Beverly Hills).  I don't get to spend much time working out of COCOCOZY HQ as I am working during the day at my regular job...and I haven't really been able to go at night because I had them take out the not so pretty office lighting that was in the office when we got it...and just on last Thursday we  finally put up our own mercury glass pendant lights over the temporary conference table.  Am also still waiting on lots of furniture, lighting, window coverings and office accessories...all on order and expected to arrive at the end of August...the loot includes a cool table from France. Until then we are using temporary tables and shelves.  We have some new chairs I like, some pendant lights (still looking for a chandelier for the front room), and we had our sewing room make a huge drape in COCOCOZY Logo gray that hangs across the front room to conceal storage...the drapes are hanging from a track on the ceiling.  Anyhoooooooo...all of this to say the office still isn't done...but it was fun getting to work out of there yesterday.  C & E who are working out of the office seem to be okay with the slow decorating progress and say they like it and the location.  One step at a time...I guess. Want this to be done soon...but must have patience I guess!

COCOCOZY HQ in progress
Sneak peak progress report - COCOCOZY HQ only 1/4th done - Using a temporary table and missing lots of furniture, accessories and window coverings...but have gray hardwood floors, chairs, COCOCOZY Logo fabric and cute pendant lights.  Waiting on permanent conference table, a fretwork desk, huge display shelves, some vintage lamps, a chandelier for the front room, roman shades and so much more...oy vey...just stressed myself out! (above)

Before COCOCOZY -  Before we moved in, the office  had weird office lighting, vertical blinds, and carpeting.

P.P.S.  Check out COCOCOZY Pinterest to see some of the furniture and lighting I am considering for the office...and let me know what you think.  Any suggestions?

P.P.P.S.  Once we get all of the permanent furniture and I've put the on the finishing touches, I will do a big photo shoot and reveal what the COCOCOZY HQ office looks like sometime in the fall.

P.P.P.P.S.  Happy Monday!

Photos: Annie Schlechter; Leann Thornton Designs


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