City balcony turned into a living room with a sectional sofa with a wire frame and matching arm chair and coffee table
A gorgeous city balcony outdoor living room with plenty of comfy cushions and gorgeous views. (above)

Ahhh...summer is here. Yesterday marked the official beginning of summer and I am thrilled. I plan to spend the summer working during the day and in my free time I'll be working some more (such is the life having 2 full time things going on).  I do also plan to spend some down time though with friends and family (although I'm missing the family trip to Paris this year which also includes a jaunt over to sad I am missing out...!!!!). I also plan to spend a lot of time outside...soaking in the good weather, entertaining hopefully on my deck, taking a little time at the beach and for nice walks up and down the hills (some would call it hiking...I call it walking). Now don't get me wrong...I am not an "outdoors woman"...I will not be climbing Kilimanjaro, or biking from Los Angeles to SF, or competitive sailing...but I will be outside...doing some activities and doing a lot of lounging.

Here are three outdoor spaces where I'd be happy to lounge. They are all in homes and they all say "Come put your feet up here!". Which of these three outdoor living areas would be your ideal summer outdoor spot at home...?

A double wide backyard garden chaise lounge chair surrounded by plants
A double wide backyard garden chaise lounge with striped cushions looks like an inviting spot. (above)

modern pool lounge area with cushions that match the pool
A modern pool area lounge with bright turquoise cushions matches the bright blue pool! (above)
Hmmm...let me see which do I like best?  I love the city setting with the marvelous views but I think I love the backyard garden the best with the double wide lounge...very cozy I think.

Which of these outdoor lounging areas do you prefer?  City, garden or poolside?  Where will you be spending most of your summer?

Happy Friday!


Photos: Brian J. McCarthy; Windsor Smith; Tracey Overbeck Stead


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