COCOCOZY Gate Throw in burnt orange on a white sofa

Was perusing through the Coco + Kelley blog the other day and was happy to see a COCOCOZY Gate Throw in burnt orange dangling over the arm of a cute white sofa!  It looks good.  Such a thrill to see COCOCOZY textiles here and there!  The COCOCOZY Gate Throw is one of my favorites from the collection and it has been super popular.
COCOCOZY Gate Throw in burnt orange
COCOCOZY - Gate Throw - $333 (Cotton knit reversible throw.  Made in the U.S.)

COCOCOZY Gate Throw in Sage Green with COCOCOZY pillows
Here's the throw in Sage Green mixed in with some COCOCOZY pillows! (above)

Do you like the way Cassandra from Coco + Kelley styled the throw in her apartment?  How do you typically throw a throw?  Are you a throw person or do you like a simple look on a sofa with no pillows or throws?  Do tell.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  I did a post awhile back on How to Throw a Throw...in case you thought it might be useful.  You can see how I used a COCOCOZY Gate Throw in my own living room!


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