I'm totally going bonkers for all things blue lately. I've decided I must have a cobalt blue pair of skinny jeans for my upcoming trip to Nantucket (the trip that I still haven't bought my ticket for...oy va voy).

Anyhooo...I will stop with the blue obsession in a bit...but please indulge me as a bring you a little fashion, decor and more...

1st Dibs - Hermes Bolide Bag in Mykonos Blue (above)

J. Crew - Ankle Length Toothpick Jean in Byzantine Blue - $125 (above)

Janna Connor - Cobalt Shell Enamel Bracelet Gold Plate - $85 (above left)

Carven Spring/Summer 2012 Ready to Wear (above)

What shade of blue do you prefer? Do you like this vibrant blue for the home or for fashion better? Do tell.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. MARKET WATCH: From Atlanta Market, here is a new cutie from Made Goods...a brass decorative chunky chain link boxes. Love these. I love Made Goods...a chic furniture company based here in the Los Angeles area. I also think the owners Chris and Oscar are so so nice. Was fun seeing them at market! From market I bring you the Rocco Box from Made Goods...

Photo by Coco of COCOCOZY

P.P.S.  Tick tock tick tock...must get ready for work! I think I have total the middle of writing this post I decided I needed to make another vegetable smoothie (see yesterday's post as to why), I fed the dog,  texted a friend...wooohoooo...need to stay focused.   Finish post...get ready for work.  Finish post get ready for work.  Oh shoot, I need to call the gardener...and make an appointment for my hair...oh I have drinks tonight with a friend...need cute outfit that works. clearly not there!

Photo: Hallie Burton


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