Black and white patio with black wicker furniture with white cushions, antique rattan chairs also with white cushions overlooking a lawn with small trees

So I've just arrived in Atlanta late last here to show the COCOCOZY home furnishings collection to buyers at the Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Please come on by to the Christian Mosso Associates Showroom (my Atlanta home away from home) in the America's Mart Building 1 on the 9th Floor to say hi! I'd love to see you. Come see the collection too!

Well, happy to be here in Atlanta again. Everyone is usually so nice here.

On the plane ride over, I sat next to a woman who is going to be on a new reality show for AMC (some show about a small town private investigating/security firm).  I was tired and wanted to sleep but this woman just kept chatting and chatting and chatting (more than I chat and chat and chat).  I think her name is Christa.  She said she is the secretary at her company but is a private investigator in training.  This Christa was saying the funniest most amusing things throughout the entire flight...she was so excited about her show being on t.v. starting this Sunday and how AMC was treating her and the group like real stars... and she was bubbling about having gone to Los Angeles for the first time in her life...and showing another guy clips of her show...she tracked the flight the whole way over saying things like "we have a good tailwind, I think we're gettin there an hour early"...and Christa spent some time trying to get the stewardess to communicate a message to her mother ( "She's the one in the middle back there with the teased up blonde hair that's real high...she teases her hair you can't miss her").  By the end of the 4.5 hour flight, she had charmed me and the other man in my row and we were all smiles. Christa was very funny and amusing...she had tons of Southern charm.

Now, speaking of Southern charm...there are many things that remind me of the South and southern charm and one of those things is a lovely lovely porch. And that brings us to today's post.

Two porches...lovely indeed...both with a bit of black wicker furniture.  The one above includes some antique rattan chairs too.  The color scheme on both seem to be a bit of black and white...with black shutters and doors.  One has a white wood floor...the other tile.  Nice outdoor living in both cases I think...but which one is best?

The question in today's THIS OR THAT is...which of these two porches do you prefer?  Take a look.

Black and white patio with black wicker furniture with white cushions and pink accent pillows, a built in bench with black cushions and a tile floor

I'm not going to be much help here...I like each porch for different reasons. I like the first porch just because it is so elegant and tastefully done...I like the second porch because it is cozy and accessible looking and I like the built in bench.

Please do tell...which of these two porches do you prefer?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. I'll make sure to take some photos here in Atlanta. I've got my camera all juiced up (hopefully) and will find some furniture and home accessories goodies to take pictures of.

P.P.S. Daily reminder...please remember to follow me on COCOCOZY Pinterest too! See the cute little item I found on The Zhush, a fabulous blog and shop run by a very sweet blogging colleague named Sue. She is awesome and her online shop is pretty cool too...lots of fabulous goodies.

P.P.P.S. Am staying at the Ritz Carlton here in Atlanta...finally I think I've found the right hotel for me here...this is my 4th visit to Atlanta and I've made bad hotel selections each time.  This morning woke up to a nice room...and friendly service...I am a happy camper.

P.P.P.P.S. Think I will wear some sparkling Prada mules (I know mules are not at all on trend but the sparkle part is so I continue to wear them...I don't know anyone who wears mules is a very early 2000s shoe police do not arrest me please) to the showroom today. They are dangerous though. The other day I was running around Beverly Hills picking up some last minute items from COCOCOZY HQ and the sparkles on my Pradas grazed my leg leaving me with a nice little cut!'s the price we pay to look good. My motto is ... I may be bruised and battered by fashion but at least I'll be sparkling. Carry on.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Have a wonderful day! :-)

Photos: Architectural Digest; Jean Randazzo


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