All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
Inside the Lion's Paw
The Lion's Paw in Nantucket! (above)

One of my favorite stores on the tiny island of Nantucket is The Lion's Paw - a gorgeous island chic furniture shop on Main Street right at the corner of Union. It is one of the most grand stores on the small little resort island and dare I say one of the most beautiful.

The shop is owned by Debbie Fraker who runs it alongside her daughter Jillian.

I had heard so much about The Lion's Paw over the years from best of friend FF who is from New Orleans but summers in Nantucket with her family that I had to see it for myself. In three days on the island, I stopped by two times - once with fab CF in tow and the next time with best of friend FF!

When you walk into the doors of The Lion's Paw...the first thing you think is "Whoa, this is so serene and elegant, cool and fresh". Just as much as the store is serene and elegant though, it is also inviting and cheerful...much like the island itself.

The story of the Lion's Paw is quite wonderful. Debbie, who lives on Nantucket year around with her husband, worked at the home furnishings store for over 20 years as an employee. About 4 or 5 years ago the original owner, a man named Dan, decided to sell the store in order to retire after being in business for decades. Debbie wanted to maintain the locally owned business and loved the store so much, she jumped in to take the plunge and buy the Nantucket mainstay and make it her own. Oh did she make The Lion's Paw her own...first she renovated the original space, and then almost right after doing that, a larger space became available right in the center of town up the road on Main Street. Debbie saw the opportunity, took a risk, and moved the business up the block into a larger space.  Her move was the right one...The Lion's Paw is a now a gleaming jewel right in middle of Main Street Nantucket.  The cute thing is, after being retired for a few years, Dan, the original owner, now comes in and works for Debbie from time to time (he was there when I went to visit)! Full circle.

Each time I went into The Lion's Paw this weekend, it was abuzz with locals and vacationers shopping for everything delightful in home furnishings...from furniture, to soft accessories (pillows and throws), to tabletop, to bedding...The Lion's Paw is truly a haven for anyone making a home on Nantucket. The store is beautifully curated.   I think what I noticed most was the lovely color palette of blues, greens, aquas, whites...all so wonderfully appropriate for the resort beachy feel of the island of Nantucket.

I first met Debbie and her daughter Jillian in January 2011. They came into the COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair back then and then became one of the first stores in the country to carry COCOCOZY pillows.  COCOCOZY sold out at The Lion's Paw during the summer of 2011, so this year Debbie is carrying a whole new assortment of our pillows.  It was a such a thrill for me to see the collection that I designed so meticulously displayed in the middle of so many lovely things...blending in seamlessly.

Well enough jibber jabbber from me...take a look please at this island home furniture shop filled with so much inspiration for the home!

living room display inside The Lion's Paw with a clock coffee table, a light colored sofa and some COCOCOZY Circle Chevron pillows
A living room vignette complete with a clock coffee table, a light colored sofa and some COCOCOZY Circle Chevron pillows peeking out from behind - woohooo! (above)

COCOCOZY Pillows around the store
COCOCOZY pillows are strewn throughout the store! (above)

dark and light blue patterned arm chair with a white pillow with a blue starfish printed on it
A stylish but comfy looking armchair in shades of blue! (above and below)

close up of white pillow with a blue starfish printed on it and the arm chair

bedroom display in The Lion's Paw with green and white embroidered linens and a gingham bench at the end with a few more COCOCOZY Natural Linen pillows
A bed in shades of green with adorable embroidered linens and a gingham bench at the end with a few more COCOCOZY Natural Linen pillows on display! (above)

pale blue dresser with purple picture frame, serving tray and assorted boxes
Love this blue classic dresser with purple accessories rounding out a perfect picture! (above)

outside The Lion's Paw
Outside the Lion's Paw on Main Street! (above)

What do you all think of this Nantucket shop?  Anything you see here that you might want for your home?

Thank you to Debbie and Jillian for the warm welcome while I was there at the Lion's Paw!  What a wonderful wonderful visit!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  A little bleary eyed as I got home late last night.  Will share more with you from Nantucket throughout the week though.  Oh, just so you know...I made one of the last flights out of Nantucket yesterday afternoon on Cape Air...and this time I was not only asked my weight once at the ticket counter...but another time at the gate.  I gave my "alleged weight" at the gate with several male passengers surrounding me and then I quietly added "ish" to the end of the number...a preppy older gentleman who was also flying to Boston overheard the "ish" part and started to laugh.  Then when I got on the small prop plane...they asked me to ride co-pilot...and I overheard another man say as he got on, "I think they want all of the weight near the front" my eyes just about popped out of my head.  I think the captain of plane noticed and said..."Actually we pick someone small to co-pilot because it is very tight up here...we need someone small."  Phew. :-)

P.P.S. Miss Nantucket already.  I miss my best of friend FF, cute adorable godson CGF, FF's wonderful husband CCF, fantastic CF and AD.  We had so much fun.

P.P.P.S. Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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