All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
beach littered with blue, dark green and yellow umbrellas
"The scene" at the Cliffside Beach Club in Nantucket...lots of relaxing going on! (above)

Arrived in Nantucket yesterday. Bliss.

Visiting with best of friend FF and her husband CCF, fantastic CF, and adorable godson CGF.

The minute I got off the plane I went into to deep relaxation mode. Hence there was no COCOCOZY post yesterday.

It is spectacular here.

I got on a small prop plane from Boston to Nantucket early morning yesterday after taking the red eye. At the Cape Air counter before you get on the plane while checking in, they always ask you your body weight.  Arrrghhhhhh.  If they feel like you are not telling the truth, they will weigh you on the luggage scale.  Total potential humiliation...to be asked in public to stand on a luggage scale to be weighed!

So when the woman at the Cape Air ticket counter asked how much I weighed, I paused and my eyes became slits, her eyes then became slits, then I cocked my head like saying "Really?", then she cocked her head like saying, "Really." , then I cut my eyes at her again, then she cut her eyes at me again.  We were in a body weight q&a silent stand off.  Then I started to think...this isn't fair. A few weeks ago I was skinnier. Then I had a little bit of an off week so I was maybe 2 or 3 (or maybe 4) pounds heavier than usual.  I wondered whether I should I go with my ideal summer weight or my actual summer weight? Then the lady behind the counter said impatiently, "Miss...ma'am? Your body weight please". In that moment I had to make a quick decision, so I just split the difference between my ideal body weight and my actual weight and then held my breath in hopes she would not send me to the luggage scale. There was a pause on her end and then she said "Okay, here is your boarding pass." Wooohoooo...phew...

So once I got to Nantucket and all body weight issues were behind me, FF picked me up at the airport.  We started off with a quick drive through town, headed over to the Galley for lunch and orange fizzy drinks (something they took off the menu but since we remembered it from a few years ago, they put it back on for us), then headed straight for the beach and the Cliffside Beach Club. At the beach club, my biggest concern was that we couldn't seem to get our sand castle higher than three stories - it was a real problem. :-) Then we went to the pool to watch 7 year old CGF swim laps, then nap time, then a store party thrown by FF's friend AB at a new store called Dakota...some fun summer shopping. I even met a COCOCOZY reader at the party...she's from Boston. Then FF, CF and I went to dinner at the Straight Wharf Restaurant while CCF and CGF stayed home. Delish. Lots of cute people milling around.  Then late night watching Olympics back at the house.  Ahhh...gorgeous day. What a day. Relax.

Here are a few photos from Nantucket so far.

plane wing with view of the city below
The plane ride to Nantucket...I sat right behind the pilot in a small prop plane. (above and below)

view from behind the pilot

all wood shower and locker area
The all wood shower and locker area at the Cliffside Beach Club...love it...so quaint and beach chic. (above and below)

wood sign that says "300 to 323" with a second wood sign below it saying "CLUB SHOWERS"

orange fizzy drink on a wood table on the beach
Orange fizzy drinks at the Galley in Nantucket. (above)

Four summer maxi dresses hanging from black hangers
Summer sun dresses at new store Dakota in Nantucket. (above)

So am in Nantucket for just a few days.  So I must cram everything into a 48 hours! Am off to do Nantucket type stuff now.

Today we're going fishing...literally and figuratively speaking...must go figure out my fishing outfit!  What shall I wear?

Happy Friday!  Gone Fishing.


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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