17"wide planks for a white washed wood floor inside a home. (above)
Dark dark brown, near black and ebony wood floors were so in for so long.  For years, I had wanted to rip out my medium toned wood floors in my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills and start over with the darkest of dark wood floors.  I still want to rip out the floors in my tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills but times have changed (I think).

That was then...this is now.  Gone with the dark and in with the wide and light.

So today, in September 2012, I'm leaning towards a much lighter wood floor as a possibility for my tiny little housette.  I mention the month and year only because I would like to record how many times I change my mind in between now and the time I actually get around to doing my floors (I've been talking about floors for about 2-3 years now and have done absolutely nothing to make this happen...all action...hmmm).  Don't get me wrong, I'm still totally into herringbone wood floors and this is my dream...but I've got to say...I'm liking where wood floors are going these days.

The trend seems to be wide planks and lighter floors.

"Normal wood" floors have planks that are about 3 inches - 5 inches wide.

But, as you can see here bigger is becoming the new better with some homes boasting floors these days with planks as wide 17-18 inches!

I went to a party at my friend AZ's (now AG because she got married this summer) sister-in-law's house earlier this summer.  The sister-in-law had just remodeled her entire Los Angeles Tudor style home in the tony area of Hancock Park.  AG's sister-in-law decided to use a lighter rubbed wide plank wood floor throughout her newly updated home.  It looks awesome.

When we moved into our tiny new Beverly Hills office space - COCOCOZY HQ -  a few months back, I used gray lighter floors at for the business office...they are not super duper light but they are lighter than I ever thought I would want a floor and it looks good.

A modern dining room and open kitchen in Norway with almost 10"planks used for wood floors. (above)

A living room in Denmark with 11" wide light wood floors. (above)

The super wide, super light trend continues...this time in a living and dining room. (above and below)

Douglas Fir wood floors with planks almost 14"wide! (above)
 What do you think of this trend?  Like or dislike?  If the tides do end up shifting to light light light wood floors, what will all the folks do who have super duper dark floors do?  Oh no.  Is this what you call a first world problem?  Anyhooo...would love to know if you dislike or like where hardwood floors are going...!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  COCOCOZY HQ Update - Furniture did not arrive yesterday...allegedly it is arriving today.  We'll see. :-)

P.P.S. Went to dinner with AZ last night (oh I mean AG)...had a fun time catching up.

P.P.P.S.  Yesterday, was talking on the phone with my funny friend ABT who lives in London now...all of a sudden she started coughing violently...when I asked her what was wrong...she said "A fly just flew into my mouth!"  I said, "Where are you?".  She said, "In my apartment."  I love that.  What are the chances of a fly flying into your mouth while you are sitting on the phone in your apartment chatting with a friend?  (For those of you who saw me tweet about this on COCOCOZY Twitter yesterday...please excuse the repeat.  I just thought I had to share this little amusing tid bit)

Photos: Dinesen


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