exterior of napa showhouse front door with stone arch and desert plants
Stone exterior and front door of the Cardinale Estate! (above)

Hello! Another exclusive preview in one week. Whoa...this is exciting! I am so happy to be bringing you readers so many first looks at these wonderful projects!

Today, I bring you an exclusive preview of Traditional Home Magazine's Napa Valley Showhouse!

The house is located at the Cardinale Winery Estate in Oakville, California.  Wish I could sprint up there today to take a look and go to the gala opening.  Well, in lieu of me bouncing up to the wine country and bay area..I bring you photos of this lovely show home.

The theme of the show house is a fresh take on Napa style. Modern rustic style maybe.  Well instead of talking about it...I'll show you. Enough from me...let the pictures do the talking. So here you go!

polished rustic  decor in a living room with a white modeled fireplace, white bookcase with white cabinets holding books and small keepsakes, a brown sofa with matching armchair and decorative wood table
The living room is designed by Annie Bowman of Sunrise Home.  It features neutral warm tones and a polished rustic decor - signature of Napa Valley style. (above)

close up of fireplace with woven circle mirror and two candlesticks on mantel, diamond printed gate, a barrel converted into a side table and two orange chairs with neutral accent pillows

dining room with wicker chairs surroudning a wood table with a flower arrangement, a chandelier with branches covered in leaves and floor length turquoise curtains
Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat of Lucas Studios combined texture and high style into the home's dining room.  Love those wicker chairs and notice the peacock in the corner! (above and below)

close up of the dining room table settings and wicker chairs

great room with stone fireplace, long wooden table with a variety of chairs ranging from an arm chair to a bench surrounding it
Designer Barbara Colvin took on the great room and the adjacent open kitchen.  A comfortable relaxing space for casual family gathering. (above and below)

kitchen with gray cabinets, island with marble counter top, chartreuse stools and hanging pot rack
Great chartreuse provide an pop of electric color against the dark gray cabinetry in the kitchen. (above)

close up of bed with upholstered headboard and side table in the guest bedroom
Coral and light blue are the colors of choice in this comfy and warm guest bedroom designed by Melanie Coddington. (above and below)

close up of nightstand with blue lamp with white shade and shag ottoman stool

Which of these showhouse rooms do you like best?  Do you think the house embodies a fresh take on Napa Valley style?  If someone offered you this home, would you take it?

Congrats to all of the designers who worked on this project!  I like it a lot.

Thank you to Kari over at Traditional Home for sending me these fab photos.  You are very sweet! :-)

The showhouse is open to the public from October 5-November 11th.  Here is a link to the showhouse website with all of the information!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. If anyone else wants to send exclusive previews my way...please do! :-)

P.P.S.  Going to a fun event tonight at my Pom Pom here in Los Angeles. Very excited!  I think good friends BN and SN are meeting me there.

P.P.P.S.  If you can believe it, I am in a mad dash to get so much done this week in preparation for the COCOCOZY Collection new products and announcements for 2013.  I am behind.  I have scheduled a photo shoot for December 15th and do not have an ounce of new product ready...and it takes weeks to get everything done. I do have lots of cool new designs that I've been drawing up and working on.  Am excited for those.  So to break it of right now, we'll have at least two new product lines/partnerships coming out in 2013 and many more original designs for the flagship collection.  I am so thrilled to be working with my new partners on these projects.  Can't talk about what's coming up just yet...but you know me...I'll be gabbing as soon as I can!  I'm also working on another exciting digital project for next year.  Need another me to help me with all I have to do.  Help.

P.P.P.P.S. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Photos: John Merkl


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