close up of rehkamp larson architects' vintage kitchen with a roper stove, a scalloped metal hood with subway tiles from counter to ceiling in the backsplash, the countertops are black and the cabinets under them are white.

This kitchen above with its scalloped stainless steel range hood caught my eye. I had never seen metal hood with a scalloped edge. So interesting really.

Anyhoooo...got me thinking about style and design for wall mounted stainless steel hoods that go above ranges, ovens, stove tops for venting purposes..

To be honest (since I clearly have no filter on this blog), I started to think of titles for the post before I really started thinking about hoods. I have a tendency sometimes (more often than not) to use not so creative alliteration or puns or plays on words in my post titles. I write out something that I think is funny and get a good little chuckle at it and then publish the stories. For this post I was having a bit of a mental road block with the title though. Normally I just type out the first thing that comes to mind and I publish with no fear...not looking back...knowing that I have a post title issue and that other bloggers would turn their nose up and say, "Her titles are really long and really not that funny". Oh well...yooohoooo...LOL...what's a girl to do?

Still on the topic of post titles (if you can believe it)...

So today, I started my somewhat comedic journey to this post title with this first title...here it comes...wait...ready...okay...drum roll...and..."Hoodie Style"...tah dah...I know it fell kind of flat for me too when I wrote it out. So I scratched that one clearly. Then I thought about using "Hood-tastic" for this blog post title but that didn't really make sense either. And then the litany of not so good post titles continued: "Hi Hood Looking"; "Hood for Thought"; "Your Guess is as Hood as Mine"; "So Far So Hood"; "Hoody Two-Shoes"; "Honest to Hoodness"; "To Hood to be True"; "It Hood be Worse"; "I Hood if I Could" and so on and so on. I ended up the "Hood Taste"...it is no better or no worse than my other bad titles...but it is the one I'm running with today. Hope you can find some bit of humor in the title or maybe there is someone out there who actually thinks my titles are okay? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I digress (as usual)...apologies!

Anyhoooo...post title aside...back to interior design...

I do like a nice stainless steel hood. I like the way the metal over a cook top can add a bit of gleam and shimmer to kitchen design.

Here are a few very different kitchens where stainless hoods "steal" the show! LOL!

rehkamp larson architects' vintage kitchen roper stove with scalloped hood, butcher block island counter and pendant lights
A custom scalloped stainless steel hood wall mounted onto white subway tiles over a vintage looking white range in a modern country style kitchen. (above)

arent pyk's navy and white kitchen counters with stainless steel hood and recycled reclaimed wood floors
A classic stainless vent compliments the cobalt blue cabinets and the stainless steel  range . (above)

douglas friedman's modern kitchen with white island and dome pendant lights
Sleek t-shaped modern hoods work with the design of these contemporary kitchens. (above and below)

open kitchen with white cabinets and granite counter tops, and metal island. The hood is very flat and goes straight up into a floating bookshelf

bella casa design's kitchen with brass pendant lights and a wood island with marble counter top
Larger hoods can stand alone or be mounted on the wall surrounded by cabinets. (above and below)

modern kitchen with wood cabinets, white caesar stone counters and white barstools

kitchen with black pendant lights, blue grey cabinets, turn stools, butcher island and tumbled marble backsplash
A tapered stainless steel hood adds a bit of design flair to this traditional corn flower blue kitchen. (above)
Hope you have a good day!

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Rehkamp Larson; Arent Pyk; Douglas Friedman; Casa Bella; Michael Robinson Photography; House Beautiful


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