moderndining room with long Danish table, flokati throws on chairs, shell pendant lights, paneled wall texture and french doors with trellis pattern trim woodwork

What a great dining room!  I like all of the varying textures, the natural neutral color palette, the liberal use of all things wood and all the while maintaining an air of sleek modern.  I call this style rustic modern.  All of those elements that technically would be used in rustic style decor but that have been fashioned in a clean line modern way.  Understand what I mean?

Wood paneled walls and wood slatted ceilings work in this space (painted wood slats on walls always look good in my view) to create a cozy feel to the space.  The clean lines and subtle curves Danish furniture add a vintage mid century modern vibe to this eating area as well.  Light colored wood floors blend in with the walls.  I love the lighting too...large glass and wire grid pendant lights too.

I like.  Take a look.

modern dining room with mid century modern danish long table, flokati  throws on chairs, shell pendant lights, paneled wall texture and wood floors

Dining room details

close up of the Trellis pattern on the French doors
I absolutely love the French doors with the trellis pattern detail. (above)
What do you think of this dining room?  Would you call it rustic modern or something else?  What do you like?  What don't you like?  Please advise in the comments below!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Had a mini Presidential debate watching "thing" at my house last night.  Served some nice cold white wine (it is so hot here in Los Angeles), put out a nice fruit and cheese plate, and ordered in pizza and salad from one of my favorite restaurants...Cheebo. Had a great time watching the debate and then laughing about the news commentary on CNN after!

P.P.S. Later this week, I'm going to a very small private cocktail event here in Los Angeles where I get to meet a big huge name in the fashion industry - from here on out "The Icon".  I was invited so I could be introduced to "The Icon".  The cocktail party is oh so small.  "The Icon" is a huge commercial success in fashion and I've read about how he got started as inspiration when I was starting my home furnishings collection.  "The Icon's" team wants to introduce me to him because of the COCOCOZY textiles collection.  I'm not supposed to talk about any of the specifics I don't I'll keep very quiet now as to who "he" is.  Don't know what to wear though.  Yikes! There will be a handful of famous people there too.  Oy va voy. I have a cute leather top (but might be too hot)...I also have an adorable navy and black sparkling mini skirt  (but it looks better with opaque black tights and it is too hot for that)...I think the weather is going to thwart my stylish wardrobe plans.  Please have the weather drop to 60 degrees overnight so that I can wear my cute fall outfits!  Please.

P.P.P.S.  Happy Wednesday again!

Photo: Stine Langvad


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