open dining room with dark wood floors, reclaimed dark wood table and matching chairs, white cabinets, a refrigerator and two large pendant lights

Hollywood television producer Ryan Murphy opened up his 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival home in the latest issue of entertainment industry trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter.  Ryan is best known in Hollywood for producing hit television shows...he the executive producer of game changers like Glee, American Horror StoryNip Tuck and New Normal.

Murphy apparently bought the home for about $10 million dollars from actress Diane Keaton.  It is located in the flats of Beverly Hills.

According to the article, Murphy worked with designer Cliff Fong to create interior spaces that were relevant to the architecture and overall vibe of the home.  Reportedly, Murphy is a collector of 1920s and 1930s Monterey Spanish furniture and Bauer pottery among other things.

I like this definitely has a vintage mood and feel to it...I also love the use of dark wood floors (uh oh...this may make me change my mind on my floors again) and the subtly masculine furniture throughout.  I would call this vibe understated elegance with a vintage Spanish twist.  Make sense?

Anyhoooo....take a look.

interior courtyard of a Spanish Colonial Revival home with a fountain and willow tree
The interior courtyard of the home features a fountain and views of the stunning architecture. (above)

family room with floating wall shelves, white walls, dark wood floors and a black sofa
In the family room, on floating wall shelves, Murphy displays his collection of Golden Globe statues, Bauer pottery, all under the glow of a vintage illuminated metal letters - California design at its best! Love his Bernese Mountain dog too!(above)

breakfast nook with pendant light, white walls, large windows and floor length brown curtains
Danish pendant light, Monterey dining set, and a German sculpture all come together in a parlor area of the home. (above)

pin board with black frame holding photos and notes on a white wall

master bedroom with a tufted headboard, ottoman, dueling sofas, two arm chairs, a chandelier and exposed beams
Leather works in the bedroom in the form of mid-century wing chairs, a tufted headboard for the bed, and tufted Chesterfield sofas. (above)

What do you think of this Beverly Hills home? I like it. I would move in without question...wonder if they have room?

Happy Thursday!



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