COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Trays in Black and Gray
COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Trays - $85 (Clear lucite tray with COCOCOZY Logo removable insert. 11.5"x17.5"x2.5")
This holiday season, we at COCOCOZY bring you a new limited edition gift item in the COCOCOZY Shop...our very own COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Tray! Am obsessed with it.  I designed this simple sleek modern decorative tray by deciding to use our logo repeat pattern and CM and JW at the COCOCOZY HQ made it happen.  Oh did I mention it is 100% made in the U.S.A.!

Was talking to best of friend AM who had ordered a large fabulous over-sized lucite tray for about $500 from some chic online company.  AM had a custom insert made for her lucite tray from said chic company and it was sealed in the bottom of the tray.  AM emailed me the other day, totally bummed out...she said her tray from the chic company was ruined because water had seeped into the cracks at the bottom and ruined the tray.

So the cool thing about the COCOCOZY limited edition tray is that the  COCOCOZY Logo insert on the bottom is removable so that allows you to take the insert out and wash the tray and/or exchange the insert out for an image you like!

Oh...I must give credit where credit is due.  Good friend SN was the one who months ago said that I should do lucite home accessories.  SN is also the one who also gave me the name of the lucite workroom where we now manufacture!  Thank you SN!  She is so sweet and thoughtful!

Perhaps a gift for the holidays for someone you know.  Or even a home accessory to dress up your house for holiday entertaining.

We've only made a handful of these a special treat for the holidays.  Pre-order now and we'll ship out late next arrive just in time for the holiday!

COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Tray in black
COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Tray in black (above)

COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Tray in Gray
COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Tray in gray (above)
Happy Thursday!


P.S.  If you're not sure what to gift for the holidays, remember you can always gift a COCOCOZY Gift Card...and let your friend or loved one chose their own gift from the COCOCOZY Shop!


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