living room in the Hamptons with a grand piano, wood floor, floor length glass windows and door, white couches and lucite coffee table and accent tables and a stone fireplace

A modern home for rent! This one is 8300 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 11 baths in the Hamptons. The house has a large chefs kitchen, private theater, wine cellar, game room, pool, sauna and more.

According to the Sotheby's listing and to the realtor, the house can rent for up to $250K dollars during the month of August! Apparently August is prime rental season in Hamptons. During off season, I'm told a house like this would rent for significantly less.

Anyhooo....I like it for a rental. Would be easy to move in for a few months...price tag would be a bit challenging. :-)

Take a look!

foyer in the Hamptons with wood floors and  woven chevron rug

den in the Hamptons with wall sized book shelf, white sofas, wood floors and a glass coffee table

Open kitchen with red stools, wood floor, marble island counter tops, a wood table, chandelier and large windows overlooking a backyard with a pool

Bedroom with white bed, surrounded by large windows with floor length white curtains overlooking the backyard with a pool

What do you think of this high end rental? If you had $250K to spend
for monthly rent, would you consider this little ol' place?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Had a nice dinner at Catch at Catch at Casa del Mar last night. Was with good friends Linda Koones (she is the fabulous editor of Ventura Blvd magazine) and friend Ballantines PR head Sarah Robarts! It was a fabulous dinner. I tweeted a few photos on COCOCOZY Twitter last night. I was so happy to see my good friends. They are both awesome.

P.P.S. My DELL computer is not working I couldn't upload the other photos I took to show here! Arghhhhhh...DELL is slowly pushing me towards making that change to Apple. Not something I want to do...but now with a 3 month old computer already not working DELL is pushing me over the edge! ARGGGHHHHHH! I digress...of course. Anyway, the meal was wonderful. We even got to meet chef Sven Mede...who is awesome. I may be getting a cooking lesson from him soon and I'll share that with you on the blog!

P.P.P.S. Was also going to give you a sneak peek of the new COCOCOZY collection textiles, but that is trapped on my camera too.

P.P.P.P.S. Our Limited Edition COCOCOZY Logo Lucite Trays are selling out! Very exciting that you all will have a little COCOCOZY to give as gifts for the holiday! We only have a few left as of right now. After I posted this morning, people have been ordering them up!

P.P.P.P.P.S. On a positive note, hope you have a fantastic day!


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