chalkboard wall in kitchen

I know they are almost cliche now but I am still loving chalkboard walls. The heart of the home, the kitchen, is a great place for a matte black wall that you can write on. When blank it looks really cool and rich and when all chalked up they are tres functional.

A great accent wall.

Maybe chalkboard walls are not cliche...maybe their a new classic? What do you think?

chalk board wall with child's handwriting all over it in kitchen

bo bedre breakfast nook with lught blue series 7 eames chairs and a chalkboard wall

Happy Friday!


P.S. Demo has started on my little house in Hollywood Hills. The construction guys are ripping out the outside concrete and flagstone and then they'll tear out the wood floors on the inside. My neighbor just wrote me saying "Wow, looks like half your house is being dug up!". Hmmm...note to self, stop by house/construction site later today to make sure house is still standing!


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