A combination of gray tubes and strings hold white laminated dining room table together
1. Architectural Dining - OK Design - On a String Table - $1460 (above)
As many of you know, I've moved out of my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills for the last few months as we have been doing some significant construction due to some major water damage.  After three months of being out of the house, there will be nothing that is architecturally different about the space except the floors, exterior doors and I'll repaint.  All of the rest of the work has been behind the scenes...concrete, exterior stone work on the side of the house, new siding, flashing, outdoor draining, drywalling a room, taking out water damaged infrastructure and replacing...nothing too glamorous at all.  The cost has been quite significant but I've been making do...at least I'll know my house is well sealed up!!  The contractors are quite sweet...one of the worker guys calls me "lady" every time I walk up the stairs for a review.  So what does this all have to with dining room tables you ask?

Well I have the opportunity to switch out some furniture when I move back in...one of the things I'm thinking of is getting a new dining room table.  While none of these would quite fit in with my decor...I found these gems on my hunt for a dining room table.

They are all very different in look and feel...one for every mood...so today I bring you 5 dining tables I'm liking right now!
high gloss lacquered MDF dining room table
2. Clean Line Modern - Beemod - TemaHome Glare Dining Table - $2,226 (MDF with high gloss lacquer finish. H29 x W71 x D35 in)

Black slab dining room table made of lacquered oak
3. Mid Century Modern Revival - Tom Dixon - Slab Dining Table in Black - approx $3100 (Lacquered oak dining table)(above)

Iron dining room table
4. Industrial Chic - South of Market - Iron Dining Table - $4750 (L: 71" × D: 35.5 in × H: 29.5 in)(above)

Rustic kitchen table made of reclaimed elm with a natural smoked wood finish
5. Rustic Country Kitchen - Jayson Home & Garden - Toulon Dining Table - $2995 (95"W x 43"D x 30"H. Reclaimed elm. Natural smoked wood finish)(above)

Which style do you like best? I think I'm liking table 2 and table 3 the most...but not sure. Do let me know what you prefer!

Happy Friday!


P.S. Running late to work...have no clothes because everything is in storage...everyday I do "wardrobe gymnastics"...in and out of several different things...not quite scoring a 10 at all though!


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