glass stairs black railing design decor gallery wall black white photo photography new york city apartment
A striking glass staircase with black railing trim makes a bold modern statement in this New York apartment! (above)

Ooooh.  Black and white in interior design.  Not a new concept at all but one that I like.

I like these three spaces because not only is the decor on theme...but the architecture of the rooms embraces the black and white theme!

Color blocked hall -  long grand hallway complete with arches and columns and tall striking baseboards painted black! (above)

vera wang los angeles home house modern dining room black white chrome decorating
Fashion mogul Vera Wang's Los Angeles home - dining room in black and white! (above)
Do you like any of these spaces?  Does this color scheme work for you?  Too modern or just right?

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Went to a party for Westweek the other night at uber interior designer Michael Smith's design showroom - Jasper.  Very nice party.  Ran into Michael's partner JC who had their cute labradoodle whose name is Jasper!  Before I knew it, Jasper had hopped onto a very posh sofa in the middle of the showroom and was posing for photos for me.  I only had my iPhone so I got just a few photos and missed the good ones with Michael, Jasper and Architectural Digest head Margaret Russell all posing for the official photographer who started taking photos too!

labradoodle dog puppy sitting on sofa couch at party
Interior designer Michael Smith's labradoodle named Jasper at a party at the showroom named after him! (above)

P.P.S. Also ran into so sweet Traditional Home editor Krissa Rossbund at the party too. She introduced me to her friend AD who seems so nice. Was a treat because I got to hang out with friend and chic interior designer Alison Blumenfeld too for a bit. CM who runs all things operations at COCOCOZY was there with JJ - it was nice hanging out with them too. Everyone had heels on but I was too lazy to change out of my low I looked quite under dressed. Note to self: always make the effort to dress and put on heels? Right? Wrong? Hmmm???

P.P.P.S. Best of friend AM is in Zurich, Switzerland this week. She just sent me a bunch of lovely photos including this one. Lucky her!

zurich switzerland canal river
Best of friend AM is in Zurich and sent me this photo this morning! (above)

P.P.P.P.S.  Am off to a shoot for a show in Griffith Park this morning for my real job.  We were warned on the call sheet to wear boots because of all of the poison ivy on the trails there.  Fun day!

Photos: Elle Decor; Veranda; Harper's Bazaar; Coco of COCOCOZY; Best of Friend AM


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