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What better way to celebrate spring than a little bit of fuchsia and hot pink!  Why not take one room in your home and go all the way with wall color and accessories?  I'm not a pink of friend AM is certainly into pink...over the years I'm finding that I'm gravitating towards pink more and concept for now...wonder if I'll be daring enough to actually using this bold combo of fuchsia and hot pink in my home!

fashion squad blog street style dagmar knit dress proenza purse bag pink fuchsia style
Fashion Squad blogger Carolina Engman (above)

pink pillows gray walls tan sofa living room white coffee table modern art elle decor france decorate interior design

hot pink sun dress barbara casasola spring ready to wear 2013 fashion style halter top
Barbara Casasola Spring Ready to Wear 2013 - a pink and fuchsia sun dress!

fuchsia kartell frilly chair 2modern cococozy modern furniture hot pink

Kartell - Frilly Chair (Set of 2)-Fuchsia
 - $620 for 2 (above)

Do you have any fuchsia or pink strategically placed in your home or in your wardrobe?

May have to consider moving away from neutrals to a little pop of pink!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Had a great brunch with AG yesterday at the Soho House.  Nice to catch up!

P.P.S.  My dear mother came by this review the new floors at my house.  I got the stamp of approval!  Phew!

P.P.P.S.  First full weekend at home (last weekend spent a half weekend at home and the rest of the time at TE's).  This weekend was very relaxing and I was a bit under productive.  Ended up one night watching a show on Bravo called Married to Medicine.  There was a scene were grown ladies in ball gowns literally started pulling each other's hair out in a fist was kooky.  Lost brain cells watching the show...a guilty pleasure!

P.P.P.P.S.  Got the cutest phone call from New York the other day from best of friend AM's 3 year old daughter LE.  She called me to say hi and to ask me to send her chewable vitamins like the ones she had at my house when they all came to stay last year.  LE wanted the vitamins right away and when I explained to her I lived in California and I couldn't get the vitamins to her right away.  She then said she would just come visit me then!  Such a cutie!

Photos: Jonny Valiant; Fashion Squad; Elle Decor France;; Marcus Hay FluffNStuff


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