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Another outdoor living room face off!  I am all about outside living spaces in the summer.  So this week I bring you two more outdoor living rooms to compare.

Last week the outdoor room choice was City versus Sea.  Most of you chose the sea outdoor deck.

Today, the face off is Apartment versus Estate.

The patio above is outside a New York City apartment.  The decor is sleek with modern white metal furniture, lots of neatly trimmed boxwood and ficus plants and a living wall of greenery.  Well manicured.

The outdoor living room below has softer edges with more traditional decor.  The metal furniture with big fluffy cushion sits under a white pergola.  A large Moroccan style coffee table, lots of cushy decorative pillows and black lanterns finish off the decor.

patio living room pergola french doors lanterns sconces home decor house cococozy

Which of these two patio living rooms do you prefer?  I feel like if I was having a party I would like the apartment version and if I was having a cup of tea and a good chat with a friend I would enjoy the estate living room.  The question really is though, which would you pick for your home?

Please do tell.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  Lots brewing!  :-)  Will keep let you know what is up next week!

Photos: Nikolas Koenig; Windsor Smith


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