4000 Swarovski crystals artfully designed into one square foot equals an awesome bit of sparkle for the home.  It is art.  It is Crystal Chic by JLF.

A few years back JLF, a lover of all things sparkle, began making wall art for her friends and family.  She hand crafted and designed several stunning 12"x12" Swarovski crystal encrusted canvas pieces.  As soon as she made one, someone else asked for another.  Before she knew it she was making custom wall art for everyone she knew.

Fast forward to now. The Crystal Chic by JLF name is trademarked, she has a branding partnership with Swarvoski crystals and JLF is producing this handmade art for clients in Europe and here in the U.S.

The patterns are all graphic in nature and each piece is made by hand.  It is like art and jewelry all in one!

Pictured here is the piece that JLF custom made just for me!  A lovely trellis pattern in now rare white Swarvoski crystals.  I haven't figured out where to put it...I tried it on a wall painted in Benjamin Moore Adagio blue in my den and am considering a spot somewhere in my living room or bedroom too.  Every time I look at it, I smile.  Who doesn't love a little glimmer and whimsy?!!

Crystal Chic wall art in my den against a blue gray wall (above)

Or, should I hang the wall art in my living room against a white wall. (above)

12"x12" custom made crystal art in a graphic trellis pattern - $1700 (above)

Crystal Chic by JLF comes in several different patterns.  JLF will work with each client to chose a pattern and color scheme that they want.

A good little DESIGN FIND I think!

Where might you hang some sparkling wall decor in your home?  Where should I put it?  Please comment below!

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Went to an L.A. Kings hockey game with TE last night...we went with his friends RM and JM who are visiting from Idaho.  We had a great time even though the Kings lost.  Oh, note to all my good friends and family...just because I went to a hockey game does not mean I know a thing about hockey...nor does it mean I will become a die-hard hockey fan.  Not happening.  Trust me.  :-) #willremaincluelessaboutanythingtodowithhockey

Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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