Outdoor sitting area white outdoor lounge chair with white cushions with pink piping round woven coffee table umbrella

Had two lunches this past Sunday.  That's all I need.  Two lunches in one day when I am trying to get in shape for a beach vacation!?!? Well it was a long who cares...right????

Let's see...the first lunch/brunch was at the Soho House with friends JTH and LH who were visiting from New York.  Soho House is a private club I belong is gorgeous.  I wish I could take pictures of the Soho House spaces but it is not allowed - I don't want to get kicked out...I think even mentioning the Soho House in this post is risky...there is a no blogging rule! Note to self...stop mentioning the Soho House - just don't do it...stop. So... I took JTH and LH to the "club's" Sunday brunch.   JTH and LH were just married in December.  I couldn't make the wedding but I had so much fun catching up with them.  Met them at noon, we had a mimosa, brunch and a great conversation and was in my car by 1:50pm.

Second lunch was at the Beverly Hills Hotel with TE. I told him I would meet him at 1:45p. Needless to say I was about 15 minutes late to meet him.  You might ask...why wasn't TE at the first brunch?  Well TE is prepping for a marathon - so he did a 13 mile run while I was having my first meal and then he wanted me to join him for lunch a little later.  Who am I to say no to an afternoon date?  So, I went to both brunch and lunch in one day!

TE and I decided to have lunch at the pool restaurant at The Beverly Hills Hotel.  It was just lovely. The walk to the pool through the hotel grounds was so scenic, I couldn't help but take a million photos on my phone.  I had a skinny margarita, a side of fresh fruit and...wait for it...yes...a few french fries! I couldn't believe that I was eating again!  ARRRGHHHHH...

Anyhooo...double dining remorse aside...the afternoon at the hotel with TE was lovely.  Here are a few scenes from Sunday!

White curved sofa with pink pimping and decorative floral pillows
Love the pink contrast piping on the white cushions on this curved outdoor bench. (above)

Outdoor flagstone walkway, birds of paradise, banana trees and flowers
A beautiful flagstone walkway lined with Birds of Paradise, banana trees and flowers. (above)

Outdoor green and white striped booth poolside restaurant
A green and white striped booth at the Beverly Hills Hotel poolside restaurant. (above)

Beverly Hills Hotel Pool lounge chairs palm trees los angeles
TE took this photo of the pool area at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. (above)

What do you think of this pretty pink hotel? Have you ever been? It truly is someplace to see if you come visit Los Angeles.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Atlanta Market Update - So relieved...I got a hotel room for my one night stay in Atlanta. I am going to Atlanta for the Atlanta Home Furnishings Market this week! I am going to show our COCOCOZY collection to buyers and to introduce a brand new collection as well. I was afraid I wasn't going to find a room. Lucky for me I'll be staying again at the Ritz Carlton downtown. It is the only hotel in Atlanta that I have found I like. I am very very picky about hotels fyi...!! :-)

P.P.S. NEW COCOCOZY -  Here is another one of our new lucite trays we are introducing at the Atlanta Market.  This color is actually somewhere between a peacock and turquoise blue...a fun cute decorative tray!

COCOCOZY Wauwinet blue lucite tray removable insert
NEW - COCOCOZY Wauwinet blue lucite tray with removable insert. (above)
P.P.P.S.  ATLANTA LOCATION - Please stop by the Christian Mosso Associates (CMA) Showroom in Building #1, 9th Floor of America's Mart to say hi if you are going to market.  I would love to meet you.  I'll be in the showroom on Friday and Saturday.  You can also see our bedding collection there!

Photos:  Coco of COCOCOZY; TE


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