palm tree st regis hotel hanalei bay princeville kauai hawaii lawn ocean view
View of Hanalei Bay from Princeville. (above)
This week, one "Weekend Photo" will not be enough.

I got back from Kaua'i late Tuesday night after a week long visit there with TE.  My first visit to Hawaii ever.  What a fantastic time!

So much to see, so many naturally beautiful scenes...unscripted, not manufactured, a tropical paradise island showing off its natural design!

white Plumeria flower hawaii kauai grass lawn tropical plant
White Plumeria flower on the very green grass. (above)

no doors helicopter ride kauai hawaii landscape aerial view
TE hanging on while sitting next to me as we took our ride over the green island of Kauai in a helicopter with "no doors"! (above)

Na Pali coast napali cathedral rock formation hawaii kauai ocean front beach mountains
The "cathedrals" rock formation on the Na'Pali coast of Kauai. (above)

Arch cave entrance Na Pali Coast napali hawaii kauai ocean blue water sea
Spotted some mysteriously beautiful caves along the coast during our 5 hour catamaran ride. (above)

Sunset at Poipu beach Kauai Hawaii ocean sea waves palm trees dusk
Sunset at Poipu beach was mesmerizing! (above)
To read about our amazing helicopter ride, click here.

Thank you to TE for taking me to Hawaii! :-)  It was truly a spectacular holiday!

For those of you who can't get away this summer on vacation (I know how that is, not being able to take vacation, as this was my first real week long vacation in years), I hope these pictures transport you to this island paradise for a few minutes, you enjoy and can exhale a bit.

Happy Saturday!


P.S.  I had quite a few of my own "I Love Lucy" moments on the trip...including me screaming my lungs out during a dip in the helicopter ride -- the other couple in the helicopter, TE and the pilot were all fine with a little drop in altitude...I on the other hand let out a scream as if I had actually been pushed out of the helicopter.  Also, there were all of the histrionics of me getting into the pool or the ocean - I need swimming waters to be about 85 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer (at least)...the waters in Hawaii were anywhere between 79 and 82 degrees...so each time I got into the water I first put a toe in, then rubbed water all over my body, then inched my way into the water while careful dripping water over my stomach and arms,  shivering the whole time and clacking "it's so cold, so cold, sooo cold" - meanwhile not one other person (the normal people) we saw was doing this routine but me, they all thought the water was warm enough...TE just patiently smiled each time.

P.P.S.  Hope you have a happy weekend.

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Photos: Coco of COCOCOZY


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