Black and white marble floor to ceiling bathroom tile and a small robot

 Who doesn't love a bathroom bathed in tile?  If you are out there, raise your hand.  I'd like to hear why not.  Don't be shy.  You might have good reason.  For me, if done right, a fully tiled bath can be quite beautiful.

I love the idea of making a dramatic design statement with tile.  Covering a bath area in tile from floor to ceiling.  Creating a room with a uniform interesting surface.  The look can make any bath feel like one big wet room.  I like. are two baths...fully tiled from head to toe...which of these two looks do you like better?  The bold and brash black and white marble tile bath above OR the showering room with arched ceiling, white porcelain tile with dark black grout?  Yoohooo...which one?

White bathroom floor to ceiling marble tiles arched ceiling

I think I would pick the first bath...much to even my surprise.  I think it would be cool to do one smaller bathroom in this look.

Which do you like best?  Do tell in the comments below!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Am in NYC for a few days.  Visiting with best of friend AM and her hubby JE and their kids.  AM, her kids, her friend AHC and I drove out to the Hamptons this weekend - JE had to stay behind to work.  Of course was a thrill to get to spend time with AM...and also have known AHC for years and enjoyed road tripping out the Hamptons with him too.  AM, her family and AHC have rented a barn house in Watermill for the summer.  A rickety cool old house filled with vintage farm themed  collectibles.  It is kind of cool and very spooky at the same time.  Anyhooo...I took this photo below through some vintage pressed metal item hanging on the window overlooking the pool.  That is AM in silhouette!  I'll post a few more photos of the house itself on COCOCOZY make sure to follow me on Instagram @COCOCOZY!

Vintage pressed metal window covering
Abstract photo overlooking the pool at best of friend AM's house in the Hamptons (above)
P.P.S. Today among other things I plan on stopping by the NY Now trade show.  I have a few collections of COCOCOZY home furnishings showing there including my new line of embroidered COCOCOZY Pillows and COCOCOZY Bedding.  So excited to see my designs on display!

Red and blue COCOCOZY embroidered linen pillows from Peking Handicraft
My new COCOCOZY embroidered linen pillow line from Peking Handicraft will be launched at NYNow trade show this week in NYC! (above)

P.P.P.S. I got a press pass this time for the NY Now trade show so I could freely take photos of cool market items I find to share with you!  Here is the bad Canon Elph broke over the weekend!  I took it to the beach with AHC one day...left it face down in the sand while watching him take an afternoon swim and now it doesn't work....ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!  Once again...a critical moment in my life as a blogger and I don't have a camera!  Oy va voy va voy.

P.P.P.P.S.  Am looking forward to seeing some cool things at market ...even though I do not have a camera.  Especially love stopping by the Made Goods booth at these shows.  They make so many cool furniture pieces and home accessories.  I saw these cute boxes covered in tribal cloth from the Philippines in them...hope to see more from the Made Goods guys today!

Made Goods green, blue and white upholstered boxes
Emily green blue and white  upholstered decorative boxes I spotted at the Made Goods showroom in! (above)

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Remember to weigh in on which bath you like the best!

Photos: Unknown source (please let me know if you know the source of the black white marble bath); Jonas Ingerstedt; Coco of COCOCOZY


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