Living room vignette in a Danish home

This is the summer home of a fashionable Danish couple.  North of Copenhagen in Zealand, this cabin of sorts has got a chic rustic vibe.  All of the right touches to blend into the natural surroundings but just the right touch of modern comfort.

The couple, owners of the Danish fashion agency Grenaa Buchard, took on the challenge of combining his masculine style with her more feminine decor sense.  He likes clean lines and simplicity.  She likes delicate touches and small vignettes.  She puts out flowers and organizes small collections around the house...he tends to make things more streamline.  This his/her decor dilemma actually ended up working out - the couple came up with a cool country home that has a bit of warm retro vibe - a neutral zone for him AND her.

I like. Clean, simple, not pretentious at all, good visual textures on the walls and floors (love the wide plank rustic hardwood floors) and classic mid century modern furniture.

Simple, clean and modern dining room and hallway in a Danish home

Simple, clean and modern hallway and sitting room in a Danish home

Outdoor patio and bathroom in a simple, modern Danish home

What might you add to this country home?  How would you solve the design dilemma of "his and hers"?  I would force in a graphic COCOCOZY pillow (or maybe two) of course!

Can't believe Summer is almost over.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Last day in NYC.  Lots to share.  Had some fun meetings yesterday.  Will tell you about those this week.  Saw some interesting home furnishings too.  Will share that too!  Today, I am running around town.  Have 5 meetings!!!  Check out COCOCOZY Instagram @COCOCOZY to check out what I am bringing as my calling card!

Photos: Elle Decoration


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