Elegant bedroom gold Chinoiserie screen white bedding brown trim
After - A gold Chinoiserie screen adds elan to the bedroom decor (above)

Found this bedroom on Style by Emily Henderson blog in a story about a home makeover.  But there were no before pictures of the room.  After a little digging around on the interweb (my name for the web or internet or the webnet or whatever), I found the before photo on Hommemaker blog.  Tah dah!  The research here was easy just a few clicks but I found it.  Waiting for the applause...waiting...all I hear is silence...hmmmm...

As an aside, I feel like I am totally an internet sleuth.  I can find practically anything on the internet that I need.  The other day I was on the phone with my guy TE and he was talking about some people he knew and I happened to be on my computer so I Googled them and found out lots of backstory.  Within seconds of TE mentioning their names, I was telling him all about them.  TE, a guy's guy definitely, was shocked and amazed and I think slightly disturbed -  as if I had pulled a rabbit out of a hat and then pulled a baby Koala out of the hat too or something.  He couldn't comprehend that I even had this information..."What are you saying?  How do you know this?  Where did you find this out?" were his questions.  There was nothing bad I was telling him.  I just did one search and all of the information appeared.  I just knew things like where the people were born, where they lived now, if desired, I could even have found out how much they bought their last house for.  To this day, TE still thinks I am some sort of wizard because I found out this information. Wizard in a neutral way...not good and not bad...but a bizarre information wizard.  Note: Lesson learned, do not tell boyfriend of almost a year that you are an internet super sleuth, he may always look at you as if you are a bizarre information wizard.  Hmmm...

Oh yes...back to this room.  I love the after.  I guess it was styled by Emily H. and Orlando S. (it's his room).  It seems Orlando had some of the basics to start...good wall color (a gray blue of some kind) and a nice rug. So Emily and Orlando, I guess styled the room by bringing in the gold from the rug. They added touches like brass wall lamps, new white bedding with a wonderful rich yellow accent pillow, new nightstands with brass pull and finally the piece de resistance, the gold Chinoiserie painted screen above the bed as wall art!  LOVE!

Bedroom before makeover grey walls wood floor blue and grey bedding
Before - the room was in good shape but lacked just a bit of zing. (above)

Bedroom after makeover white bedding with brown trim brass and gold accessories wood nightstand succulents
After - White bedding with brown trim and new accessories in brass and gold, warm up the bedroom. (above)

Very nice indeed.

What do you think of this bedroom makeover? Would you have added anything else?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Am heading to NYC for a few days next week and I still haven't bought my ticket! Oy va voy! I will be seeing best of friend AM, her sweet hubby JE and their darling kids. I can't wait.

P.P.S. Throwing a baby shower this weekend for dear sweet friends AG and TG. A co-ed couples shower. We have 5 co-hosts and over 50 people coming. I am in charge of food (made it easy on myself though (am not Wonder Woman)...with so many people, I just called a caterer and am having them handle...simple fix). Should be fun. I'll take pictures. We are throwing it at TG's sister JH's lovely Hancock Park home. It should be fun. I need to get a gift for the baby. Arghhh...what do I is hard to shop for babies...EVERYTHING is cute. Help! Oh TE is coming with...I've warned him that guys will have to participate in the shower games. He's down for the challenge.

P.P.P.S. Mom and sis DS are in Paris. They keep sending me gorgeous photos of lovely meals, beautiful art, enchanting scenes from the streets of Paris. Am happy for them...wish I could be year!!!


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