Outdoor backyard baby shower COCOCOZY logo throw orange umbrellas

So I co-hosted a little baby shower this weekend for dear friend AG and her hubby TG.  It was a co-ed guys and girls, mixing together backyard style casual cute baby shower.

My co-hostesses were JH (sister to TG), AS, WH and KD.  The best co-hostesses ever!  The whole shower was planned on email.  LH and JH, TG's brother-in-law and sis, were kind enough to invite us to use their LOVELY home for the shower.  We decided to make use of their gorgeous backyard overlooking a golf course in Hancock Park.  AS did invites, JH did party decor as it was at her house, WH was in charge of party favors and games, KD had beverages and I was in charge of food.

Loved JH's party touches.  Colorful, festive and relaxed. She rented several picnic tables, orange market umbrellas, cute mason jars with yellow and orange Gerber daisies, clear fish bowl like vases filled with rubber duckies swimming along in blue water, a few navy COCOCOZY Logo Throws for anyone who would venture to lay out on the grass and then done!  Voila!  A warm and inviting environment for guests to spend a casual sunny Los Angeles afternoon.

WH decided on lovely summer half bottles of rose wine as party favors.  I ordered all of the food from Joan's on array of sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres, quiche, salads and other brunch lunch foods. KD put together a colorful self serve bar with sparkling water, lemonade, wine, champagne and beer.

Here are few scenes from our co-ed baby shower!

Rubber duckies in a fish bowl creative centerpiece baby shower

Self serve bar baby shower bright colored bucket

Sandwiches Joan's on Third at a baby shower

Floral centerpiece at an outdoor baby shower

Outdoor backyard baby shower orange umbrellas pool creative centerpieces

Bottles at the self serve bar at an outdoor baby shower

Guests at an outdoor baby shower orange umbrellas benches COCOCOZY logo throw

I think AG and her hubby TG had a good time.  It was certainly a relaxing lovely afternoon.  TE came with me; he enjoyed it all to...including the co-ed shower game where all of the guys had to line up and drink soda through baby bottles. TE did not win btw...LH, JH's hubby, got caught up on a technicality of a dripping bottle, and TG, the guest of honor, was a bit of slow poke - about 10 guys participated...only one drank the entire bottle!

AG and TG's baby is due in October.  Can't wait.  BTW...there were four other pregnant ladies at the shower including co-hostess AS.  Something is definitely in the water here in L.A.!

Happy Monday!


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Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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