Grey front porch with grey wood furniture, stripped accent pillows and grey wood floor

Have guests coming in a week.  Arghhh....need to spruce up my outdoor living room.  Looking desperately for inspiration all around.

Found this delightful little outdoor patio with its gray floors, natural toned furniture and Moroccan inspired accents.

Can't quite achieve this look because I'm dealing with bulky brown teak furniture...but I do know I want to neutralize my current deck situation.  I spent most of Sunday morning scrubbing my teak furniture down to remove the teak oil.  I want it to go gray.

Here's my deck's old look...it is long gone though because my patio was pretty much a construction zone for the first 5 months of the year.  Need to breathe new life into my outdoor space.  The old look is a little too kitschy for me (getting rid of the turquoise accents, the cane rug got destroyed by construction crews earlier this year, and all of the stripes and prints will go)...need a more sophisticated outdoor space now....a soft neutral color palette to start.

JH is coming by early this morning to talk about repainting the exterior of my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills and refinishing the deck.  I hope he shows up!  I also want him to strip down the now brown stained deck and make it gray.

Have taken all my cushions over to JF to redo those...think I will chose a grayish/taupe color for the seat cushions and as the teak goes gray...things will blend nicely.

I like all of the subtle textures here on this lovely comfy looking porch with its living and dining areas.  Inspiration indeed.

Black Moroccan lantern lamp on a grey front porch

Dark grey planter with Moroccan inspired plates on a grey front porch dining room

Table setting on a grey front porch with stripped pillows and Moroccan inspired bowls

So typical...it is the end of the summer and I am just now getting inspired to redo my outdoor space.  Am one beat behind! Of course.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday!  Lots going on.  Doing a lot of thinking and figuring.  Hopefully a bright things in the future.

Photos: Concept by Anna


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