Al fresco outdoor dining with teak furniture, a beautiful view and a dog

It is early here in Los Angeles.  I have to go get a new car this weekend.  So I was doing a little research.  So looking forward to the long weekend.  I have JH working on my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  I came home late yesterday evening to find that the front of the house was repainted.  I didn't change the color.  The house is still green, white trim, shiny black doors...but after all of the construction from earlier this year, the exterior was war torn.  I exhaled when I saw the fix.

I have JF working on new cushions for the outdoor furniture, JH will paint all of the fences, sand the teak furniture, refinish the deck.  I need to find a new outdoor rug. Oh and we have to paint some outdoor furniture as well.

I just got a new COCOCOZY rug delivered for my bedroom...a COCOCOZY Fence rug in Natural Linen.  The only thing I didn't figure out was refinishing my bedroom dressers.  Too expensive.  See @COCOCOZY on Instagram to see a photo of one of the dressers in question.

Oh did I mention why I am doing all of this sprucing up?  Best of friend AM and her hubby JE and their two kiddies are coming to stay with me next week.  I just saw them a few weeks ago in NYC.  Am so excited.  Guests always give me a great excuse to get all that needs to get done around the house in one swoop.

So much to do this holiday weekend. Oh shoot...and I have to remember...must go car shopping (that is a priority because my lease expired so I have to get a new car...driving my old car on borrowed time!)!!! In addition to all of the home sprucing up, must see my dear mom who just got back from two months in Paris (lucky her), go to a memorial service for a dear great aunt, meet TE's dad and wife for the first time (which means I also have to shop for a cute outfit), finish some legal work for COCOCOZY, exercise (low priority), hopefully BN/SN will call me and invite me to the beach (hint hint hint), oops I forgot to respond to JD who wanted to do something this weekend too.  Sis DS went off to Palm Springs this weekend...she wanted me to join her and her friend.  Had to decline.  Sorry DS.  Hmmm...I think I overbooked...even so, I cannot WAIT for the extra time off!  Will be nice.

What are your plans this holiday weekend?  Will you have a chance to take some time to take stock? Enjoy a nice meal overlooking a pretty view, take the time to enjoy the beauty around you, stop to smell the flowers?  I hope so!

Purple flowers

Mr. Boo, my dog, just started barking.  I think JH is here to start day 2 of painting!  Woohoo!  Here we go.

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Just wanted to say how lucky I am to have people like best of friend FF in my life. She is so sweet.  This week we have been chatting quite a bit and to be nice she sent me a little care package in the mail.  Love her.

P.P.S. Off to work.  Casual Friday.  Wearing some skinny J Brand jeans, a cute striped t-shirt and some Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals I bought earlier this summer.  Love summer Friday casual!

P.P.P.S.  TE and I took a nice evening walk yesterday in Beverly Hills with Mr. Boo.  Pleasant summer evening stroll.  Need to stroll more!

Photos:  Katie Ridder; Coco of COCOCOZY


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