Castiglione castle on a cliff in Capri

A castle on a cliff in Capri called Castiglione.  It is for sale for a mere $47.5 million dollars...on the market with Sotheby's International Realty in Rome.

Here is a little history on this ancient castle straight from Sotheby's site:

"The history of Castiglione is closely bound to the history of Capri. Due to its strategic location, overlooking the town of Capri, this residence was considered one of the most important villas of the whole island. Its ruins, found at 250 mt above the sea level, were radically restored throughout the years, starting from the first renovation works carried out by Carlo d’Angiò in 1283. This villa is one of the 12 villas of Tiberius, and it set in the most charming panoramic spot of Capri with 360° views over the island."

Almost 7000 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 7 full baths and  spectacular ocean views.

I would like to visit this castle to decide whether I could make it home.  Oddly enough, this past weekend, I found that others share my dreams of living in a castle - don't ask how we got on the topic of purchasing castles and where to buy a castle...#nondilemmadilemma.

Living room in Castiglione castle in Capri with blue and white rug, white sofa, arches and terra cotta tile floor

Library in Castiglione castle in Capri with wood floor, white armchairs, arched ceiling and ivy on the wall

Pool overlooking the ocean at Castiglione castle in Capri

Aerial view of Castiglione castle in Capri

Would you move to Capri if someone offered you this castle for free? If you had the spare change, would you buy this multimillion dollar villa? Do tell!

Happy Wednesday!



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