Modern dning room in a Washington DC home by Amy Elbaum with light wood floor, floor to ceiling windows, custom cobalt blue upholstered Pierre Paulin chairs and a modern chandelier

Once again, I feel lucky and happy. Simple things make me happy. Take for example, yesterday, when I received an email from talented New York interior designer Amy Elbaum of Amy Elbaum Designs. I had not met Amy before nor was I familiar with her work.  Her email was a simple introductory note to say hi and that she reads the blog and she wondered whether I might be interested in looking at her portfolio.  I was delighted to immediately see images of this well designed Washington D.C. modern apartment as one of the projects in Amy's portfolio.  I immediately wrote back asking her if I might be the first person to publish these newly released photos.  She said yes.  Eureka!  Bingo!  Woohooo! Yay! Hence, the lucky and happy feeling I have today!

So anyhooo...Amy, a Parsons graduate, just last year opened her own interior design firm.  Her aesthetic seems to be fresh and modern.

This apartment is in the Woodley Park area of D.C.  Apparently a brand new apartment that Amy was commissioned to decorate. A blank slate well filled!

Close up of a modern dining room with custom cobalt blue upholstered Pierre Paulin chairs
Custom cobalt blue upholstered Pierre Paulin chairs from Ligne Roset surround the modern dining room table from B&B Italia. (above)

Modern living room with graphic blue Greek key rug, silver blue velvet sectional sofa, glass coffee table and burgundy accent chair and ottoman
Living room is neatly designed with a graphic blue greek key rug, silver blue velvet gray sectional sofa, glass coffee table and a burgundy accent chair and ottoman.(above)

Sleek and modern grey master bedroom with a leather platform bed, crystal chandelier and floor to ceiling windows
A sleek modern master bedroom with charcoal gray wallpaper, a leather platform bed, crystal chandelier and floor to ceiling windows (above and below)

Close up of an upholstered chair with a mirrored side table in a grey bedroom

White home office with floating shelves and an amazing view of Washington, DC
The desk in the home off ice is custom built and designed. (above)

Amy, thank you for giving COCOCOZY a first look at your new project. Nice work!

Readers, which room or element is your favorite? I am loving the dining room and the custom upholstered blue chairs.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. HALLOWEEN - I am not one who dresses up for Halloween on a regular basis. I have not had a costume on in years.  I am not even sure I really love Halloween for adults.  I think it is great for kids and I love seeing little kiddies all dressed up.  For adults, not sure.  In the distant past, when I was forced to wear a costume to attend a party, my costume was always a makeshift brain teaser; only because I couldn't be bothered with really pulling together a costume and pretending for an evening that I was some imaginary character. My staple non-costume costume is as follows...I would wear all black, red gloves, plastic handcuffs, carry fake jewelry, and wear a mask...what was I? "Caught Red Handed"...I know...silly...right? Even though, I am not a die hard Halloween type of girl nor am I invited to a single Halloween party, I have, however, spent the last few days freaking boyfriend TE out because I have been begging him to wear matching Halloween costumes with me. He keeps on mumbling into the phone "No. I'm not doing that. No."  Just because he is so apathetic about Halloween, I have all of a sudden taken on Halloween as my "cause celebre".  I told TE that we could do something simple like wear all black, put yellow tape on our shirts in the shape of half of the letter Y and carry forks. He asked, "What kind of costume is that?" I smugly replied "We'd stand side by side and be a "Fork in the Road". This suggestion was met with a groan. Oh well...he's a Halloween stick in the mud!


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