Living room in a small cottage with a built in sofa, sea grass rug and rattan coffee table
A super small cottage with a really smart space saving solution - a built in sofa! (above)
Two things excite me when looking at places for sale or rent...either extremely big mansions on one hand...or super duper small living spaces on the other.  I know. Diametrical sized living spaces!  I love the idea of living in a big house for once.  I live in a tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills that I bought years and years ago.  I love my cute cottage in the hills but I admittedly at some point in the future I am ready to move into some place bigger (a mansion, a large farm, a castle, a know...just something a little bigger).

My dream big house aside, over the last few days, I have been helping a girl at work look at apartments for rent.  She has to move out of her place in about 7 days so she is in a mad search for an apartment.  Well yesterday, she found a super small studio in Los Angeles and came into my office to show it to me.  We stayed late yesterday as I helped her map out a floor plan for the apartment and figure out furniture.  I really enjoy the challenge of taking on a super small space and making it livable.  Is that weird?

So today (unlike yesterday...see the post on the $75 million dollar house), I am thinking small!  That is why I am posting this little Venice Beach, California cottage cutie that I saw on Apartment Therapy yesterday.  A couple lives in this tiny abode.

This home pictured here is only 356 square feet.  It is a 1920's craftsman cottage on a small lot in the Venice Canals.  Apparently the couple who lives in this house rents it.    There is just one bedroom and a nice garden.

Here's the cool order to maximize the little space there is in this cottage, the owner had a built in L-shaped sofa bench made and also made a built-in bed in the bedroom.  The built-in furniture dimensions were customized to make the most of the square footage

Take a look.
Detail of a built in sofa in a small beach cottage

Built in L-shaped bench sofa acting as a room divider between the small living room and tiny kitchen
The L-shaped built in bench sofa also acts as room divider between the tiny living room and the small kitchen. (above)

Small home office in a beach cottage that doubles as a dining room
Every inch of wall space is used...there is even room for a small home office that doubles as a dining room for two. (above)

Small bedroom in a beach cottage with built in bed and book shelves
More built-in space saving - this time in the bedroom, with a built in bed and book shelves. (above)

Small patio and outdoor living room in a beach cottage
A small patio is perfect for a tiny outdoor living room (above)
What do you think of this small space?  Do you prefer a little tiny home like this or a penthouse apartment like I featured yesterday?  Please let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Was so excited to see on Instagram that Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan saw the COCOCOZY Rug Collection at High Point Furniture Market yesterday and really liked it.  Here's his Instagram photo and the caption below is what he had to say about our COCOCOZY Loop Rug in Hot Pink!  Maxwell has seen it all in home furnishings so was honored that he is "impressed" with my rug collection! Thank you Maxwell for the nice words!

Instagram from Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan showing a pink COCOCOZY Loop Rug
"Super simple but elegant and with great colors. I was totally impressed with Cococozy @Capel rugs #hpmkt MR"

Photos: Apartment Therapy


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