Adorable Papillon mix with a navy COCOCOZY Logo throw
Penny - AS's cute Papillon mix from Malibu snuggling! (above)'ll have to indulge me for a minute today.  What do you get when you put a COCOCOZY Logo Throw and cute pets from around the world together - a major designer dog throwdown.

Typically, people keep their animals off of expensive home furnishings...dogs are admonished for sitting on anything of value.  Well it seems that my friends' dogs have good taste and good instincts and their parents do not have any resolve.  These designer dogs all gravitate towards their super soft COCOCOZY throws for getting cozy (luckily the throws are cotton and totally machine washable so not really a problem that the dogs love these!).

Got the inspiration for this post the other day when my friend AS who lives in Malibu sent me a photo of her dog Monkey sleeping on a COCOCOZY throw...I realized that over the years I had seen several friends post photos to Facebook and Instagram with their pooches snuggling up in a our graphic knit throw.  When I put out the email to my dear friends living in New York, London, Hollywood and Malibu, they all sent in the cutest photos I've seen in awhile!

So here you have friends' dogs from across the nation and even in London...getting cozy.

Black and white Papillon with a navy COCOCOZY Logo Throw
Maddox - AR's adorable black and white New York Papillon cuddles on a throw. (above)

Cute King Charles mix with a navy COCOCOZY Logo Throw
BLG (Baxter) - AG and TG's Los Angeles King Charles mix is so cute! (above)

Adorable Poodle Terrier Mix with a navy COCOCOZY Logo Throw
Monkey - AS's other dog, a darling Malibu living Poodle Terrier Mix was the inspiration for this post (above)

Cute Chin Poo with a cream/white COCOCOZY Logo Throw
Mr. Boo - My Hollywood Hills cottage living little Chin Poo fell asleep with his COCOCOZY Logo throw in cream and white in my den. (above)

Bernese Mountain Dog with a navy COCOCOZY Logo Throw
Maddie - AT''s London living lovable Bernese Mountain Dog takes an afternoon cat nap on her throw. (above)

COCOCOZY Logo Throw in Navy
COCOCOZY Logo Throw in Navy (above)
A huge thank you to my sweet friends AS and her hubby, AG and TG, A.Ro., and AT for sharing these cute snapshots of their pooches!

Was hard to pick which photo went first but I think Penny glued to the corner of the sofa is just too cute!

Which of these cuddling pooches is your favorite?!!??

Do you have a COCOCOZY Throw...if so, send in any cute photos of animals, cute kiddies, grown ups snuggled up in their throw and I just might post!

Happy Friday!



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