Celine Dion's Jupiter Island home

So this may be old news to some but it is new news to me...ready for it...mega singer super star Celine Dion is selling her Jupiter Island, Florida home.  Set on 5.5 acres of land with Atlantic Ocean beach front, the estate features a 10,000-square-foot main house with five other individual pavillions includinga 4 bedroom guest house, a beach house, pool house, "and tennis center with simulated golf range leading to the tennis court; a pool house with built-in grill and separate kitchen; and a cozy beach house with second floor sleeping loft and massage room. There are three separate pools on the property, one at the rear by the ocean, and two connecting pools at the front with a most unique water park" as described by the home's real estate listing agent Joseph Montanaro.

The house went on the market in August with lots of fanfare...I was browsing through the listing agent's site in my constant search for incredible homes and I just found it. So one person's old news is my definitely new news. FYI. :-)

Now time for your tour of this mega million dollar mansion!

Kitchen and Dining room in Celine Dion's home with light wood floor and modern furniture

Celine Dion's living room wiht dueling sofas and french doors

Informal dining room in Celine Dion's home with a view of the pool and backyard

Bedroom in Celine Dion's home with a view of the ocean, a grey bed and matching rug

Walk in closet/dressing room in Celine Dion's home with mirrored dresser and built in storage

Aerial view of Celine Dion's Jupiter Island home

Backyard and pool at Celine Dion's Jupiter Island home

What do you think? Would you spend $72 million duckets on this house? I actually like the open kitchen and breakfast nook. The living room looks nice too. I just might look into this as a vacation home option if I had the extra cash just laying around. The water park aspect of it is a little less interesting to me...feels a little like a I might just bulldoze one or two of the waterways and pools...thinking.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  COCOCOZY goes Hollywood - Was home watching t.v. last night...and an old episode of Giuliana & Bill was on E!.  I was watching it and noticed a COCOCOZY Logo Throw in Gray behind t.v. host and personality Giualiana is on her chair in her office.  COCOCOZY textiles made it on t.v.!  Wooohoooo!  I snapped this photo below with my phone!  Was a nice scene where Giuliana was granting a wish to a breast cancer survivor through her charity.

Screen shot of Giuliana & Bill with Giualiana Rancic and a COCOCOZY Logo Throw in Grey on E!
Took this photo last night of T.V. personality Giuliana Rancic looking great with a COCOCOZY Logo Throw in Gray behind her on E! - so exciting
P.P.S.  I know...this post is very Hollywood...with Celine and then Giuliana...I'll stop for now...!

Photos: Joseph Montanaro; Daily Mail


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