Bedroom with two Louis Vuitton trunks doubling as a nightstand

I have always wanted to figure out a way to incorporate Louis Vuitton vintage trunks or luggage into my home's decor.  I like the idea of using one of the stylish monogrammed steamer trunks as a piece of furniture.

A collectible piece from the past.  First introduced in the mid 1800's, these trunks and pieces of luggage became a fashionable statement for the wealthy traveler.  To this day, the trunks are so highly coveted that they are priced anywhere up to $20,000.

I can dream...just one little trunk for a corner of my bedroom.

Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk
Louis Vuitton Trunk - $15,250 

Living room with a Louis Vuitton trunk doubling as a coffee table and a blue velvet sectional sofa

Louis Vuitton Antique Travel Steamer Trunk
Louis Vuitton Antique Travel Steamer Trunk -  $14,999

Bedroom with a Louis Vuitton Trunk at the foot of the bed and a large cone shaped pendant light

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Happy Thursday!


P.S. Had a great dinner with LK, SR and KS last night at Soho House. TE was there too with an old friend of his and we had a drink after dinner.  Was a good night.

Photos: Source Unknown; Architectural Digest

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