COCOCOZY HQ with a Louis XVI chair upholstered in COCOCOZY Logo Fabric
COCOCOZY front office late night with a Louis XVI chair upholstered in signature COCOCOZY fabric.(above)

Had an after hours meeting at COCOCOZY HQ yesterday with the very smart TH. Trying to see if there is a project we can work on together. Went by the COCOCOZY offices for the meeting at about 6:30pm last night and our little headquarters office in Beverly Hills was sparkling.

During the holidays, our landlord puts lights on our building...and last night, the office was sparkling with the light from our front office crystal chandelier, mood lighting from some Stiffel vintage brass lamps and then the wonderful white holiday lights shimmering outside the window.

As most of you know...I have another full time job during the day...but at nights, my full time job is COCOCOZY. I love our little office. I feel inspired here. I wish it was bigger...we are growing...slowly but surely.

I told TH that my business strategy is to build my little luxury textiles company into a huge national lifestyle brand. He liked our little space and said it was "stylish"...he told me that I should continue along the path I am on.  He said I am laying good ground work.  Was very good to get some encouragement. I've been making up my entrepreneurial plan along the was good to hear from somebody who knows business that I am building a good foundation.   First a blog, then a luxury textiles company, then...

We'll get to where I want to go, I'm sure I will spend lots more late nights at these little offices, lots more elbow grease will be used up, and lots more risk taking to come. my dream really.

In the meantime before all of the hard work ahead...I'm just enjoying the simple things...a little glow and a little sparkle in the COCOCOZY headquarters office on the eve of wonderful holiday season.

I like.

Here is a glimpse into my world.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures...I took them with my phone!)

Conference room at COCOCOZY HQ
This is our main conference table...where we get a lot of business done! (above)

Sparkling lights outside COCOCOZY HQ
Blurry photo of the sparkling lights outside our COCOCOZY headquarters office window...right in the center of Beverly Hills! (above)
Just to note...COCOCOZY textiles started out of my house...for over a year, I had all of our textiles and business functions based out of my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  Now we are in about 45 stores around the country, have several license deals, and we are in great fabric showrooms around the country.  Last year,  during the summer, we moved into these offices.  Baby steps! One foot in front of the other.  Step by step!

I am still decorating the office and will give you a better glimpse in the future...but we are building!

Thanks to CM and NG for keeping COCOCOZY HQ so neat and orderly.  Looks great guys!

We'll add some subtle holiday decor into the mix over the next few weeks...will share with you all definitely.

Happy Friday!


Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


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