Palm Beach estate

Built in 1935, this recently refreshed Palm Beach estate just went on the market for $32 million dollars. It is listed by Sotheby's Realty.  6 bedrooms, 11 baths, 2 staff rooms in almost 11,000 square feet...this home is the a Palm Beach Florida classic.  The mansion offers sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, a pool, tennis court and more.

For the right person, this could be a nice winter getaway home...with a little bit of redecorating...right?

Take a look.

Dining room in a Palm Beach estate with crystal chandelier, custom Trompe-l'oeil painted walls, wood floor and blue velvet upholstered chairs
Dining room with crystal chandelier and custom Trompe-l'oeil painted walls. (above)

Traditional living room in a Palm Beach estate with paneled walls, dentil molding and a grand piano
Very traditional living room decor with paneled walls and dentil molding. (above)

Sun room in a Palm Beach estate with wicker furniture and white and green trellis walls
A sunroom with wicker furniture and classic Palm Beach white and green trellis walls. (above)

Grand foyer in a Palm Beach estate with marble floor, a large modern sculpture and winding staircase with gold and black railing

Palm Beach estate's view of the Atlantic Ocean
The estate's view of the Atlantic Ocean (above)

Veranda of a Palm Beach estate with a lantern style pendant light and arched entryways
The veranda!

Let's see...if I had $32 million would I spend it on this house? Well probably not...but I would certainly love to visit if one of my friends decided to get it (AM, FF, JLH, FM...any takers?)!

Happy Monday!


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