Breakfast nook with a built bench seating, a pendant light and large windows with black frames

Had the weirdest dream the other night...so weird that I posted about it on COCOCOZY Twitter.

***My dream***

I dreamed that uber interior designers Mary McDonald, Nate Berkus, and Nathan Turner were called in to fix my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills - my small under 750 square foot house.  In the dream, my house was under construction and kept falling off the hillside.  After fighting with the contractor, I gave up and just turned the project over to the aforementioned design dream team.

When I came back to the house while my dream design team had worked on it for just a few days it seemed bigger.  It was also in a very remote hillside area (not at all like where I live in real life or where I had left it in the dream) and there seemed to be an ocean view somehow.

In the dream, my guy TE and I toured the house that was still a work in progress and were in awe. Each designer took on a space made it their own. By the way, in my dream,  Nate Berkus and Nathan Turner were one person for some reason...the person looked like a hybrid of the two of them and I kept calling him both or either name.  Somehow best of friend AM flew in from NYC to tour the dream house too.

The guys' rooms were modern with a very fresh vibe...when I walked in to say hi Nate/Nathan was painting some glass for the windows (don't know why)...and he looked up and said "Hi, I'm still working on this."  Mary was nowhere to be seen during the tour but she created a huge wide main hall with wood floors stained in different colors to create a stripe effect.  She also did a kitchen with red counters.  Her rooms were elegantly traditional with a modern twist.

Anyhooo...in the end of the dream...it turns out that the designers had transformed my small cottage into a 6100 square foot hillside home that also was a beach house!  A small Hollywood Hills cottage transformed into a hillside/beach front estate! Unreal.  Really.  Tah dah!  The magic of dreams!

***End of dream***

Well one thing, I noticed my dream team of designers forgot (or I didn't see) was a cute breakfast nook.  I must have one of those me thinks.  I love the idea of having a place to cozy up right near the kitchen with good light for dining, reading, chatting, laptop computing etc.  Windows, built in banquette seating, a square or round table will do, and some nice lighting. Must have a breakfast nook!  Yooohoooo....

No complaints on my dream home from this past dream- loved it - but next dream, I'll need a nook please. :-)

Bright breakfast nook with white roman shades, L-shaped banquette seating and a wood table

Breakfast nook with built in bench seating with blue and taupe accent pillows, a pendant light and roman shades

Breakfast nook with built in benches, a white chandelier and metal stools

If you had a dream team of designers...what must have would you want them to include in a home.

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Pinterest unknown; Jute Home; Country Living


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