White and taupe living room and kitchen in a Paris apartment

A cute little apartment apartment in Paris on the Left Bank...on a high floor overlooking a secret courtyard.  That's all I know besides the price.  $2.25 million for this pied-a-terre.  So cute.  Light herringbone wood floors, exposed beam ceilings (notice the metal beams in the bedroom)...a living room, a bedroom, kitchen, bath...c'est tout. A small Paris apartment.  Very chic. That is all...but that is all I would need.

Today's dream or wish...wish I could buy this little place for my mom and then I would visit regularly!

White living room with taupe accents in a Paris apartment

White and taupe bedroom in a Paris apartment

View of a secret courtyard from a pied-a-terre apartment in Paris, France

What do you think of this cute Paris flat?  Don't let my opinion sway you!

Happy Friday!


P.S.  A big thank you to Hilde Leighat of Pom Pom at Home.  Had dinner with Hilde the other night.  A really nice dinner at Mozza here in Los Angeles.  Just a day after our fun dinner, some of her fantastic linen sheeting was delivered to the COCOCOZY offices for me to enjoy.  Wow!  So amazing.  The sheets are just gorgeous!  Thank you Hilde!  Hi to Sam and Reza for me!

P.P.S.  Tonight am going with TE to his holiday office party.  We are staying at hotel downtown after the event.  I couldn't exactly decide what to wear so I brought a million outfits.  Poor TE...he's going to have to help me decide!

Photos: Emil Garcin


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