Yesterday I had a really nice day. I drove down to the Laguna Design Center (lovely) in Laguna Nigel (far from Los Angeles - long drive) to help uber interior designer Windsor Smith (amazing) and furniture giant Century Furniture (pillar) launch Windsor Smith's new collection of stunning furniture. Windsor and Century personally asked me to come down to do a fireside chat with Windsor as she launched her Century Furniture Icon Collection with them.

I, of course, was honored that Windsor, a designer with such an amazing reputation, wanted me to introduce her and do a one-on-one chat in front of an audience of about 200.  I met Windsor years ago at a design event.  She has always been so warm and wonderful to me.  Her work is elegant, inviting and friendly...much like the designer herself.

Anyhoooo...was thrilled to get an early look at the collection in the Century Furniture showroom in Laguna.  Lovely pieces with a traditional base but modern feel.  Lots of geometric shapes, a mix of media, classic lines with a fresh twist.  A must see!

During the q&a I did with Windsor on stage, she shared insights with the 200 people there about her design approach...telling a story with every room design, piece of furniture or look.  Her words were very inspiring.

Here's a sneak peek of a few of my favorite pieces from the collection.

Two toned secretary desk.  Love this one (above)

My favorite and Windsor's too...a chain link little side table (above)

This fantastic coffee table with a classic metal base and Modrian like glass squares for the top. (above0

A lovely lavender lacquer geometric coffee table...perfect for a family room. (above)

Congratulations Windsor!

Thank you to Windsor, Comer Wear and all the folks at Century Furniture, and the Laguna Design Center (Crystal and Mary) for a lovely day in Laguna.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. In bath robe and Uggs this morning...just heard garbage trucks...had to stop blog post to fly down the stairs of my a bit of a kooky person to take out the trash neighbor was getting into his car and saw the spectacle of me running to pull out the cans in my make shift morning get up and hair in two pigtails...he quickly averted his eyes away...hmmm....

P.P.S. Must run...lots of people in town for my day job. Lots of meetings today. Thinking of wearing this cute new spring dress I got at Barney's over the weekend.  Only problem is that I am still wanting to wear dark opaque winter tights. So I guess the question is bare leg or tights? Or forget the dress and go for some cute skinny jeans with a blazer?  Oh my non dilemma dilemmas continue I am officially running late!  Have a great day!

P.P.P.S.  Best of friend AM woke me up at 5:15 am to chat on the phone while she was driving from some place in New York to some place else in New York.  I said to her 3 times I was sleeping...she didn't care...she was bored on a long within 5 minutes I joined in and talked to her for about an hour! Somehow I am still running late this morning even though my day started at 5:15a.  Help.


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