Just got back late last night from a wonderful long weekend in New York with TE.  Went there for a quick meeting but mainly to visit with friends.  On Saturday, best of friend AM, her hubby JE, TE and I all drove out to the Hamptons to see AM's new purchase - a lovely home in East Hampton.  AM is doing a remodel on her new home so it was so much fun going out to see her darling home in progress.

While there, we took a drive through the Hamptons past all of the grand multi million dollar estates.  While it was cloudy outside and rainy, it was actually the best time of year to go and ogle at all of the beach mansions in Southampton, Water Mill, Bridgehampton and East Hampton.  The reason this is a good time of year is that all of the privet hedges that usually block these mega mansions from the streets are without leaves at this time of year so you can see right through to the grounds of so many of the incredible homes.

We drove the streets and gawked at several houses including the former Jacqueline Onassis estate, Grey Gardens, and the largest house in the Hamptons.  We had lunch at Pierre's in Bridgehampton - a delightful local restaurant where the social set and polo players all mingle and dine over delicious French fare.

Anyhooo....our day trip out to the Hamptons got me thinking about real estate there AGAIN.  Found this $25 million dollar 1930s estate for sale...listed by Corcoran Group.

10 bedrooms, 8.5 baths on 5.5 acres.  This home was built back in 1930 for a prominent East Hampton resident, Robert David Lion Gardiner.  Here is a glimpse inside the home of Hampton's aristocracy!

Library with glossy brown venetian plaster walls. (above)

The main living room and entertaining area features arched windows and herringbone wood floors (above)

Exposed beam ceilings and a carved stone fireplace provide great architectural detail in the dining room. (above)

Ahhh...an outdoor living room on the veranda. (above)

The grounds include a pool and plenty of room to build a tennis court.

Now remember, the Hamptons is about 2 hours from New York.  Would you buy this multi million dollar home if you had the extra $24,999,999 in your account?

I would. :-)

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Speaking of bank accounts...my luck would have it that I was driving to the airport on Wednesday night to take a red eye to the city (not a good idea)....I get a text from my bank saying someone had used my ATM card at Macy's some place.  When I called the fraud line, they said they had to immediately cancel my card...problem was...I was on my way to NYC with about $10 cash on hand.  I begged the fraud people to let me make one last withdrawal at the airport...where I withdrew more cash than I would ever normally carry around...so most of my time in New York, I kept saying to my friends, "I am loaded".  Silly.  Anyhoo...must deal with getting new card today.

P.P.S.  In addition to seeing AM and JE, we also went to dinner with my dear friends A.Ro and CJ on Saturday night.  We ended up at Empellon Taqueria in the West Village.  Fantastic night with my girls, AM, JE and my guy TE.  So much fun.

P.P.P.S.  TE and I went to a nice dinner on Thursday night at a classic Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side called Campagnola.  There were so many interesting characters there...a lawyer type who all of a sudden started singing opera, a lady who was showing me pictures of her daughter while arguing with her daughter's ex-boyfriend who was sitting on the other side of her.  Needless to say...TE and I  were in awe of all of the drama in the place.  The food was delicious.  That same night we ended up at the Bemelman's Bar at The Carlyle Hotel. A classic.

P.P.P.P.S.  Congratulations to AM and JE on their first home purchase!  A house in the Hamptons!  Awesome!  So happy for you!

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