ultra modern living room with retractable wall, fireplace, long sofa and armchair with a view of the ocean
An ultra modern family home with a 3.5 ton retractable wall - creating the ultimate indoor outdoor experience! (above)
I'm not a ultra modern girl but something about this super duper modern house with retractable walls and ceilings appeals to me.  Maybe it is the whole concept of really bringing the outdoors inside.

This Long Island, NY 6,000 square foot home was designed by New York architect West Chin for a family.  He tore down the existing small structure, raised this house onto pylons and then created a huge garage door style retractable wall that rolls up and offers those in the living room a spectacular view of the ocean.

I like.  Some thing fresh about this whole idea of of the simplicity of it all ... plus blue sky and ocean views aren't too shabby either - 21st century indoor outdoor living!

living room with the retractable wall closed
Here's a look at the living room with the retractable glass wall closed. (above)

exterior of the house raised on platform with retractable wall closed
The exterior - the house is raised so that the view is of the ocean and not just sand dunes...on the bottom level there is a pool and patio. (above)

Pebble wall shower in the master bathroom
This pebble wall bath is actually inside the master bedroom but it has a retractable glass ceiling. (above)
What do you think?  Too modern?  Or just right?  Could you ever see yourself living in a high tech modern house like this?  What if someone gave it to you?  Would you say yay or nay?

I'm on the fence about living in it day to day...but I do think it is AMAZING and I certainly would love to visit for a few months every year! :-)

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Thank you to Cassandra over at Coco + Kelley blog for featuring a COCOCOZY Gate Throw in navy yesterday as one of her sick day must haves - a stylish cotton throw to wrap up in even when you are feeling a little under the weather! Hope you feel better Cass.

P.P.S. Best of friend AM and JE are still in town staying at my house...was at work yesterday until about 9:30p though so just saw them for a bit last night.  They are so cute.  It is fun coming home to my best of friend an her family. The kiddies are so darling.  Anyhooo...when I got home, AM told me all about how she and her family had just visited a friend of hers who lives here in Los Angeles. Said friend of AM apparently has a fabulous several thousand square foot house in the Pacific Palisades. While Anne giving me a home tour recap of this magnificent house she had just been to, I think I heard her husband say, "Yah and their master suite is as big as Coco's entire house"!  Hmmm....

Photos: New York Magazine


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