kitchen with exposed brick, sleek white cabinets and an island with metal countertop and white drawers with long pull
Exposed brick in the kitchen of a London loft apartment! (above)

So the long holiday weekend is about to begin!  Happy Memorial Day weekend! I am so excited for a little time off. Best of friend AM and her hubby JE are going to be in Los Angeles for a week staying with me...they are bringing their adorable kiddies.  A family in my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  We'll all be very very cozy! It should be a fun long weekend and a great week too. I have been sprucing up things around the house and on the outdoor living spaces in anticipation of their arrival. Major construction things that only I will notice have changed...but the house looks tidier with a new fence, new gates, new paved side walkway, new side deck, newly painted main deck, a dry walled sky light in the bedroom and a reupholstered den sofa! Phew. Still a lot more to do but am on my way with making the house perfect for summer parties.

Anyhooo...enough about me...and onto this very cute London loft apartment. I like it because of the white washed exposed brick throughout. The brick wall adds so much character, texture and visual interest to the space. I like.

Take a look!

 open plan living room dining room with white washed exposed brick walls, long white dining table and the French metal cafe chairs
An open plan living room dining room area gets a boost of character with white washed exposed brick walls.  Love the long white dining table and the French metal cafe chairs. (above)

alternative view of the kitchen
More of the kitchen...with the round edge stainless steel island countertops, great metal swivel stools and a mirror over the kitchen sink! (above)

master bedroom with a dark wood canopy bed with a trunk at its foot with a brick wall providing the backdrop
Perfection - a dark wood canopy bed with a trunk at its foot with a brick wall providing the backdrop. (above)

Do you like this apartment? If so what stands out to you? If someone said you could put brick walls in your house or apartment and it would somehow work...would you want an exposed brick interior wall? I would and I would paint it white or white wash it! Please do tell.

Also, I definitely want to know what you are doing this Memorial Day weekend. Any fun plans?

P.S. Got an email this morning that made my day. It came from Jillian Fraker. Jillian is the daughter of Debbie Fraker who owns and runs a chic home furnishings shop in Nantucket named The Lions Paw. Debbie and Jillian were some of the first customers to buy a lot of COCOCOZY textiles to feature in their store last year. Well they sold out in the summer of 2011 and made a very nice order in 2012. We sent their huge shipment off a week or two ago and they just received the shipment (takes a bit for things to get to the tiny island of Nantucket). Jillian sent me an email they liked all of their new COCOCOZY pillows! The email was titled "Crazy for Coco at The Lions Paw - Nantucket" and there were several photos attached of their beautiful store. Here's a look at COCOCOZY in Nantucket.

COCOCOZY Quatrefoil and Circle Chevron pillows on display near a white dresser
COCOCOZY Quatrefoil and Circle Chevron pillows on display near a white dresser at the Lions Paw in Nantucket! (above)

COCOCOZY Vent  and Fence pillows as part of a bedroom display
COCOCOZY Vent  and Fence pillows mix in wonderfully with a bed display at the Lions Paw. (above)

COCOCOZY pillows in light blue and sage as part of a display
An arrangement of COCOCOZY pillows in light blue and sage stand out in a beautiful color coordinated display. (above)

COCOCOZY pillows featured throughout The Lion's Paw
The Lions Paw in Nantucket with COCOCOZY pillows featured throughout! (above)

P.P.S.  Thank you Jillian for sending in those photos.  They made my day!  Glad we made it to you in time for the long weekend.

P.P.P.S.  Readers, I want to hear what you have planned for the long weekend...are you traveling or staying home?  Are you relaxing or getting projects done?  Do share!

Photos: 1st Option; The Lions Paw (Jillian Fraker)


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