All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY.
fuschia bouganvillea climbing up a white wall with a lantern
Gorgeous fuschia bouganvillea in my garden! (above)
These photos were taken this morning...early...on this Memorial Day 2012.  A bouganvillea plant with bright pinkish flowers climbing up my new garden fence.

Best of friend AM is in town with her hubby JE and their two kiddies.  They left the comforts of their large New York City apartment to come visit Los Angeles and stay with me in my tiny tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills. We have been having a wonderful time.  Yesterday we spent the day hiking, at brunch, at the beach and then out to dinner.  Needless to say we are tired but happy!  The kids are adorable and it is alwasy great to spend time with dear friends.  This has been a fantastic holiday weekend so far.  I'll share more later in the week.

As an aside, in order to prep the kids on how small my house is, I strangely for some reason felt the need to tell them I lived in a "doll house".  Yesterday at brunch, the AM's cute kiddies told the very posh people we were dining  with, "Did you know she lives in a doll house?  It is sooooo small.  It is the tiniest house you've ever seen.  Really"...the people looked at me in wonder as if to say "Whoa...kind of weird...that grown lady lives in a doll house?  Bizarre."  Hmmm...

Anyhoooo...over the last few weeks I've been doing some construction on the garden and the side of the house because there were some major issues that were actually causing some water damage inside the house.  One of the things that was torn down was my old fence and gate that had gotten soaked by the sprinklers and were starting to rot.  In their places, I designed a new fence and gate  with white trim on top (similar to what I've designed for the rest of the house).  I am so pleased with my new white fence...my own take on white picket!

garden with flagstone path and fuschia bouganvillea
My garden this morning...we also added a hardscape flagstone stone path that leads to the side of the house. (above)

close up of fuschia bouganvillea
From my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills - California living :-)!
Would like to take a moment to remember why we get today off from work (and I get to spend time with friends and family).  Today is meant to honor those service people who have given their lives to protect the country.  Whenever I start to complain or think that my life is challenging, I do immediately and always consider the sacrifices and real hardships that others have undergone...and I recognize that instead of whining I should be thinking good thoughts for those who really need the help or who have really been courageous.   Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Monday!


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY.


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