Foyer with grand staircase, a round dark wood table and marble mosaic tiles

I like this Vancouver home. It is the home of Canadian interior designer Effie Genovese according to the feature in Style at Home magazine.

Effie apparently lived in Paris for 10 years before moving to Vancouver. So her home is a hint of Paris, a hint of modern and a hint of traditional all rolled into one.

Take a look at it in today's SEE THIS HOUSE!

Exterior of Effie Genovese's house

glossy black front door, marble mosaic tiles and a high back neutral chair with dark legs
Love this entry with the glossy black front door and the marble mosaic tiles.  Paris is known for its fabulous doors...this one would fit right in! (above)

living room with French doors, a neutral sofa with blue accent pillows, a fireplace with molded mantel with a round mirror above it, a Louis XIV chair and a dark wood coffee table

white kitchen with island with dark wood cabinets, reclaimed wood chairs and stone backsplash

Home office in the kitchen with cabinets, a rolling chair and a white desk facing a window
Love the idea of a desk in the kitchen...cook, work, eat...cook, work, eat...repeat! (above)

Bedroom with grey walls, an ottoman at the foot of the bed, a nightstand with a wall mounted light and an armchair
The bedroom has a soothing vibe with gray walls and french inspired armchair and bench. (above)

bathroom with stand in tub, marble floors and a large encasement window
Dream bathroom! (above)

garden with the crushed gravel path
Of all of the places in the house the garden with the crushed gravel reminds me most of Paris...the Luxembourg gardens perhaps! (above)

what do you think of this home? Like or dislike? Any room you would transport to your home as is? I like the marble mosaic tiles! Let me know what you like.

Happpy Tuesday!


P.S. I promised you a story and photos about the party at Jasper, uber interior designer Michael Smith's grand showroom...but I just looked at my photos and they are all really dark AND blurry - oy va voy! I was able to salvage one photo below. Anyhooo...attended the festive event with friend JH who was visiting from South Carolina. It was fun bopping around the party and being in such a chic showroom. We had a very nice chat with Michael Smith and his lovely partner James Costos. Since JH had just attended the Obama/Clooney event and as it turns out Michael had decorated George Clooney's Los Angeles area home, JH and Michael had a lot to talk about. We also saw Joe Lucas owner of the fantastic Harbinger showroom there...he is friends with Michael because he once worked with Michael Smith Inc as a designer years ago. Joe was so nice...he helped JH after a person named Angela from Veranda magazine accidentally dropped a glass on the ground and a tiny tiny tiny chard flew into JH's leg. Joe came to the rescue - our hero! Angela from Veranda was so sorry for dropping the glass...she was so sweet and escorted us to the ladies room to help JH. JH is 100% fine...just a small small nick but it was kind of amusing that of all people, JH was the center of a little mishap at the posh Michael Smith showroom! Here's a look at the party:

Inside the Michael Smith showroom, Jasper, last Friday evening. (above)

P.P.S. Saw all of the usual L.A. designers at the party but also ran into Brooke & Steve Giannetti. Brooke has a store here in Brentwood, she is an interior designer, she just wrote a book and has a great blog named Velvet & Linen. I pop over to her blog from time to time for inspiration. I recognized her and introduced myself...that was fun meeting her in person.

P.P.P.S. Had a bizarre day on Sunday. Was supposed to meet my mom for Mother's Day but then my dog, Mr. Boo, got sick (I thought he ate gopher repellent that the gardener put in the garden) so I had to rush him to the emergency room. On the way down Nichols Canyon with a sick Mr. Boo, a lady was walking a black pig (I kid you not). I waited for 3 hours at the vet emergency room and a lady in a yellow Hummer drives up and rushes in with a possum who just ate rat poison...she demanded vitamin K which is the antidote for rat poison (who knew), she was refused service because she had a wild animal...she stormed out. Then a young boy and mother walked in...they were clutching a cat that I thought was sick, turns out they found the cat and were getting it scanned for a chip, the receptionist scanned the cat, found the owner, the owner came, the little boy cried because he didn't want to let the cat go, the owner gave the little boy $20. Turns out Mr. Boo is fine...he didn't eat anything bad he was just acting funny and then at 3:30pm I finally met my mom for Mother's Day. Hmmm...strange...right?

Photos: Style at Home; Coco of COCOCOZY


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