White Gustav style bench in a white foyer with a blue, white and black striped rug

Which of these three foyers do you like best?  They all have something in common...traditional Louis XVI or Gustav style benches, white walls, art.

Wish I had a foyer large enough for seating of some sort. I think even a chair would do!

So do you like any of these or would you prefer your foyer bench free? That's the question in today's THIS OR THAT!

Foyer with Louis XVI bench, staircase, area rug and dark wood floor

Foyer with dark wood Louis XVI bench with white cushions, dark wood floor and staircase

So which do you prefer...1, 2 or 3? Or do you not like any? Be tell! I'm leaning towards 2 but like the brightness of 1.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Sorry didn't post yesterday! Running around like a chicken with no head is super making all of these changes at my house before best of friend AM and her hubby JE and their kids come visit in 2 weeks. The not exciting thing is that none of the changes are fun design and decorating changes...they are more tearing down the fence on the side of my house and building a new one, constructing a new front gate, fixing the side deck, covering the side patio, sanding the main deck, drywalling the skylight in my bedroom and fixing a portion of the wood floors in my house and new outdoor lighting...oh did I mention, I'm sending out one of my sofas to be reupholstered? Things I notice everyday that are driving me CRAZY and would totally bug me if guests were here and saw these things...I'm sure they won't even notice the difference...but I will. So my house is a construction zone right now. Yay and oh dear at the same time!

P.P.S. In the middle of all of this, COCOCOZY is moving into a new office space, so all of that has to be arranged (yes, I took the Beverly Hills office in the shabby building but with lots of is so central and near my day job so I can pop by after or before I chose location. I did inquire about office space in downtown Los Angeles and it was about 1/3 of the price only problem is that I would never ever be able to get to the office because downtown is so far from my house and from where I am during the day that it would have made no sense. We move in on Sunday. Wood floors have gone in, fluorescent lights removed and paint has been refreshed. CM is helping with all of the moving thank goodness.

P.P.P.S. Prepping for my friend AZ's wedding in Puerto Vallarta too...did I mention that? Don't know what I will wear? Resort, casual, beach appropriate attire is in need. Can't wait.

P.P.P.P.S. How do you typically prep when guests are coming to stay at your house? Do you do construction or do you just add a flower here and there? Do tell any stories about getting ready for house guests!

Photos: Stadshem; Bella Casa Design; Joe Schmelzer,Treasure Bite Studios


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