blue kitchen with herringbone wood floors

Another cornflower blue kitchen for you!

Years ago, I did a very short post on a cornflower blue kitchen that many of you seem to have enjoyed.  I enjoyed it too...the color of the kitchen cabinets spoke for themselves.

Well here is another cornflower blue kitchen.  I think I may love this one more than I loved the last.  Notice the gorgeous almost unfinished herringbone wood floors (sigh)...that pushes this kitchen into top tier range for me.

I like the soft almost purple soft blue.  It is very soothing.

close up of blue cabinets in an entirely blue kitchen with herringbone wood floors

close up of cabinets with glass panes in a blue kitchen with herringbone wood floors

close up of kitchenware in the blue cabinets

lantern in a blue kitchen

So did you take a look at the old post on the other cornflower blue kitchen too...? Do you like one better than the other...?  This one or the old one?

Also, one last question and then I'll stop with the questions...would you be daring enough to paint your whole kitchen this shade of blue?  Why or why not? (oops 2 questions)

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Kobenhavns Mobelsnedkeri


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