walkway to the beach surrounded by tall grass

Love the idea of spending the holiday by the water in some way shape or form. Tomorrow I'm popping by a little party so I'll get a little time by the pool. The ocean, a pool, a lake, a pond, even sprinklers in a yard...wherever...a little splash in the water on a holiday goes a long way!

Last 4th of July, I ended up at a pool party on the a roof of a high rise building in downtown Los was actually kind of fun...palm trees, sunset, pool and all...see the last photo below! Water seems to be the draw on a holiday weekend...always.

On the left: infinity pool overlooking nature. On the right: Wicker chairs by infinity pool

Backyard with a large pool and a blue pool house

sunset over a pool with a view of Los Angeles
Photo by Coco of COCOCOZY

How are you spending your holiday weekend...near the water? Where?  Are you designing a holiday gathering yourself...would love to hear how you are spending Independence Day!

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Peter Carlsson; David Prince Photography; Jeff McNamara; Coco of COCOCOZY


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