Encasement doors open to show off the ocean view
Encasement doors are flung open to show off this Malibu home's ocean view! (above)

A Malibu house...with ocean views...right on the famous Broad Beach.  A new home built to look old!  Owned and built by antiques afficianado Richard Shapiro, the home is a juxtaposition between old and new... from the purposefully chipped sandstone floors, to the buffed plastered walls, to the floor to ceiling encasement windows, to the modern swooping steel balustrade, this villa on the ocean is meant to look as if it was plucked out of ancient ruins with some very modern touches!

open living room with large windows, dueling white sofas, stone fireplace and tile floor
The open living plan!

dining room with high ceiling, large encasement windows, tile floor, wicker chairs and a bench style seat
The dining room. (above and below)

alternative view of the dining room that includes the ocean view through the encasement windows

 sleek modern black kitchen with slabs of basalt used for the backsplash and the island
A sleek modern black kitchen with slabs of basalt used for the backsplash and the island. (above)

A modern steel balustrade surrounded by white stone with visible reclaimed wood support beams
A modern steel balustrade. (above)

ourtyard with turquoise Moroccan tiles in a chevron pattern, white archway and fruit trees
A courtyard with turquoise Moroccan tiles in a chevron pattern. (above)

What do you think of this Malibu home? Does the combo of old looking and modern work for you? I happen to adore the courtyard and all of the steel windows and doors!

What do you like?

Happy Monday!


P.S. Sis DS is traveling right now (lucky her).  She texted in this photo from Morocco this morning. DS and my mother are touring Medina today and were in Casablanca yesterday.  So cool!  This photo below is a screen...one that allows women to see out but keeps them hidden from men! So interesting!

Close of up screen in Morocco
A photo from my sister during her visit to Morocco! (above)
P.P.S.  Have today off from my real job...so will be spending the day catching up on all things COCOCOZY!  Looking forward to a little time to get everything in order before I start traveling for the summer.

P.P.P.S.  Oh, did I mention, I'll be in Atlanta next week for the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Mart.  Will be showing the COCOCOZY textiles collection at the Christian Mosso Associates Showroom again in Building 1 of the Merchandise Mart on the 9th Floor. Please stop by if you are going to be in Atlanta next week!

P.P.P.S.  Also, if you'll be in New York in the middle of August you can catch up with me at the New York International Gift Fair...come by there and say hi and see the collection.  This will be my 4th time doing the New York show.  I get so nervous and excited about going.  I totally stress out trying to remember all of he details.  Oy va voy...got to hop on it!  Keeping fingers crossed that I'll have a big COCOCOZY related announcement in New York in August...trying to get things in order.

P.P.P.P.S.  Hope you are enjoying July so far! :-)

Photos: C Magazine


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